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  1. Kaleb Jordan

    Glass V.1 - Montage

    Very sick, Erick. I used to watch your Younited Nations entry back in 8th grade damn near every day before I'd go skate. Awesome to see you're still doing your thing.
  2. Kaleb Jordan

    WTB: MK1 for VX1000

    Just sent my vx off to Kerry and have plans to start working on another video soon. Pls somebody sell me one!
  3. Kaleb Jordan

    Filming at night

    Thank you man, really dig the LED idea but is a set of 300s strong enough to light up a stairset or handrail?
  4. Kaleb Jordan

    Filming at night

    Yo guys, just getting back into filming again. Is the standard for lighting up spots at night still the generator and the work lights or has something better/different come along that people are doing?
  5. Kaleb Jordan


    Steve Berra was at Shake Shack so I think that counts
  6. Kaleb Jordan


    you good breh???
  7. Kaleb Jordan

    Sp Photodude's Instagrams

    @lurkerlife I use to be quite the asswagon on instagram but recently I've started to take photo shit seriously
  8. Kaleb Jordan


    it was the tall ass Hyatt building behind the Hancock tower. Was literally so far up in to the fog that you couldn't see anything at all.
  9. Kaleb Jordan


    Word, I've had people telling me I need to get a lawyer and shit but I didn't really feel it would be all that serious.
  10. This last weekend I was in Chicago for the Street Dreams Mag Issue .005 release which was super dope, but on Sunday before we all parted ways a couple NY homies, a couple Chicago natives, and myself all went to go shoot a roof in the fog before we left. After hitting a roof that was 72 stories up in the fog, we got caught. We all got hit with trespassing tickets and were told we could pay them online, but it doesn't seem that I can pay them online any where.. If I end up having to go to court March 3rd, what is the worst that could happen? What are some of your guys' experiences with trespassing like that?
  11. Kaleb Jordan

    Canon Mount Lenses For Sale!

    really need to get rid of this 8mm, someone take it off my hands.
  12. Kaleb Jordan

    Canon Mount Lenses For Sale!

    bumppp $160 shipped for the rokinon
  13. Kaleb Jordan

    Canon Mount Lenses For Sale!

    bump, Just the Rokinon is left.