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    Short Youtube Skate Clips?

    Hey Guys so when I posted this, I was nervous about posting it by itself as a short clip, but I figured everyone would watch. What do you guys think of short clips?
  2. willmax95

    Filming with a DSLR - Rokinon

    Hey guys, been filming with this Rokinon 8mm and this is my favorite clip I have filmed with it, but thinking about upgrading to the Canon Fisheye for my 6D. Any thoughts?
  3. Check this out, actually super gnarly. Not even spam. One of the craziest things I've ever filmed.--> 11 Year old Doing a 540
  4. Hey, What are you trying to create? Totally down to lend a hand
  5. 11 Year old doing a 540 (This is actually real) - Seriously one of the heaviest thing's I have ever filmed. 1st try too, and IN A LINE.
  6. willmax95

    California Trip Video

    Put this lil edit together after I made a trip out to california. Yes I know theres some super low lighting at points, but hoo cares. just watch the edit!
  7. willmax95

    Camera Settings

    Watch this edit I made at cream city. I filmed it on a Canon 60D and was at about an 800 ISO at 50 shutter with my fisheyes aperture at 3.5 on a auto white balance...... What do you guys do with a canon DSLR's settings for an indoor skatepark?
  8. willmax95

    Wtb: Vx1 Mk1 Setup

    I am looking to get a vx1 mk1 for christmas and im trying to find one that is at a cheaper price. If you have a setup throw me prices ill let you know. Or if you have a vx1 separate and and mk1 seperate that is newish condition let me know. I want it to come with the battery and a charger of course.
  9. willmax95

    Wtb: Vx1000

    Alright guys, So im looking to just buy a vx1000 from someone at a good price. I had two from the other post but they both fell through for other reasons. Im looking for one that will come with a battery and a charger and no mic sag, and clean-ish heads. Sounds real picky and specific but if you have anything out there let me know im willing to look at what any of you have if you send me pictures or anything like that. Hit me up with some prices!
  10. willmax95

    Wtb: Vx1 Mk1

    If anyone has a vx1 mk1 setup their lookin to sell comment back on this or separately message me whichever works. Im kind of looking to spend around $850 but if I have to go up a little more I might so whatever you guys have let me know. Even if you just have a working, good condition vx1 by itself for a different price let me know, or vise versa
  11. willmax95

    Wtb: Mk1 For Vx1000

    Im trying to get my hands on a vx1 at the moment, and ill need a fisheye for it. If you have a good condition mk1 for vx1000 w/ no scratches or anything let me know. Throw me some offers ill probably go the cheapest i can on this.
  12. willmax95

    Wtb: Any Eazy Handle

    I have this home made one that worked really well although its lighter than the normal one. Let me know if you want it
  13. willmax95

    Wtb: Mk1 Fisheye

    I am maybe looking to buy an mk1 fisheye but for somewhere around 375 maybe 400 bucks tops, I know that sounds cheap but I am willing to give you my super mint raymod with it plus that money.
  14. So when I am recording with my VX2000 it makes this ticking sound randomly throughout the clips and I have no clue what it is? Someone said it could be the heads but I dont know what to think of it Listen to this.
  15. willmax95

    Vx2000 Mic Problem

    Also one other thing I noticed. I can record in like a quite room for an amount of time and it wont make the noise. Also It wont make it if im recording people talking or something. It only makes the noise when im recording skateboarding.
  16. willmax95

    Vx2000 Mic Problem

    I am playing back on a second camera. I have not yet tried plugging in headphones while recoding. If I hear it while I have headphones in then what should I do?
  17. I know this seems like " LOL" or a joke. I get that. But At this point I just dont have very much money on me and im just looking to trade some random things plus a certain amount of cash so that I could get an Mk1. They likelyhood if this actually happening I know is slim. But hey im giving it a try.
  18. willmax95

    Wtb; Mk1 Fisheye

    I have A mint raymod that id be willing to give out Plus about 375-400 bucks or if you dont want the raymod then ill try like 425 cash for an mk1 and I know that sounds super cheap but people have hit me up in the past for that price. If your willing to sell me one at any of those offers let me know. Thanks!
  19. willmax95

    Wtb: Raymod Or Cheap Mk1

    Soo Im getting a vx2 really soon and I will need a fisheye for it. Does anyone have a raymod that looks good or a raymod that they're trying to sell and have footage on youtube that I can see from it? Also , I know mk1's are expensive and arent cheap most of the time, But I have seen some mk1's recently get sold for like 375-400 and they only have like one small scratch or something. So if anyone has an mk1 cheapish like that or is looking to trade one for something let me know!
  20. willmax95

    Wtb: Mk1 Fisheye

    Does anyone have an mk1 (besides the ones on ebay) that they are trying to sell at a lower price?
  21. willmax95

    Mk1 Fisheye

    Thats what I said to this person....
  22. willmax95

    Dslr Handle

    I have a Eazy handle replica that a friend of mine made. It has worked very well for me and has been way more smooth than i originally thought. looking to get 65 bucks from it.
  23. willmax95

    Wtb: Raymod Or Cheap Mk1

    Yeah i dont want one of those. They dont look good in my opinion.
  24. First time filming with this handle, but personally since I have the Canon 60D and the battery is on the right of the camera, it seems to me that this handle probably wasn't counterweighted correctly since you can still see some of the shake in the footage.