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  1. Malls

    Mini Dv Player

    Yeah that sony clamshell was what I was thinking of and yeah another camera seems the better option like
  2. Malls

    Mini Dv Player

    The cap cam I've been using is on it's way out and don't have a battery for it just runs off a mains charger but I see what your saying haha but I say was just wondering if there is anything like that that isn't massively expensive
  3. Malls

    Mini Dv Player

    i don't play back on the vx for obvious reason but i was wondering is there any portable tape player that I could watch the clip back on like at the spot I've seen something like it a while back but it was mega exspensive and would it be worth it or is it just gonna cause problems swapping the tape back and forth ?
  4. Malls

    Throwaway Clips

    I've always liked the kinda wider look of vx footage I dunno just kinda personal preference I guess haha
  5. few throwaway clips from the full length which is in progress
  6. Malls

    Uk Camera Repair

    How much did they charge for the heads? Just cleaned or replaced?
  7. Malls

    Dirty Heads

    So basically was filming today on the vx1000 and got the heads dirty symbol ran a head cleaner for 10 secs and carried on filming and bam dirty heads symbol again so tried again and still the same so called it session over, got home and when to put a tape in and got the water drop for condensation left the tape deck open for about 2 mins and it was fine then tried to record and got the same dirty heads problem so I ran the head cleaner once more for about 30-45 seconds and recored for about 1 mins just in my room and it was fine bought the camera off ebay about 2weeks ago and this is the first time it's happened filmed about 10 sessions in total so just wondering if the heads are on the way out or should they be sweet now?
  8. Malls

    Opteka Bayonet

    It's 52mm and yeah that's what I have at the moment but the vap on my cam is the slightest bit loose (even with tape) so a bayo fisheye would be a lot better to put on and off with out making it worse was just looking for a quick fix intill I have the money for a mk1
  9. Malls

    Opteka Bayonet

    That's a cool idea seems like a lot of work tho and yeah mk1 is what I wanna get eventually when I have the money saved up cheers for the help tho
  10. Malls

    Vx1000 Problem

    Edit: tape worked mint hardly moves at all now just gonna have to be careful puting the fish on and off thanks a bunch
  11. Malls

    Vx1000 Problem

    It not so much just lbayo that's loose more everything in front of the focus ring moves like the bit with 3ccd on it so would just putting tape around that work or would the tape not just move aswell? And yeah I wanna get it sent in to have a look at just need to save up the money first
  12. just got a vx1000 off ebay everything is working sweet but at the front of the camera the bit in front of the focus ring (VAP?) moves side to side like the tiniest bit like the bayo and lens move aswell, its not a major thing at the moment but just wondered if there is any way to fix this?
  13. Malls

    Opteka Bayonet

    basically i was wondering if there is any way to connect a 72mm opteka to a vx1000 bayo? like bayo to threads, heard about 'amit bayo' but cant seem to find one anywhere ive literally just bought the vx few days ago so pretty new to it all so any help would be sweet
  14. Malls

    Wtb: Vx1000

    looking to buy a vx1000 im from the uk so would prefer anyone selling from the uk but im down to pay shipping as long as its not massive amounts so yeah hit me up
  15. Malls

    Best Intentions

    that was sick diggin the song who was it?