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  1. MohammadEra

    Fs: Rokinon 8mm And Wtb: Canon 50mm 1.8

    I have a canon 1.8, trade + cash? pm me
  2. MohammadEra

    Gripped T3i Setup

    Id grab that peleng and audio technica off you right away man, pm me!
  3. MohammadEra

    Canon T2i Set Up

    how much for mic? pm me
  4. you guys have such a sick style, and the filming was solid, keep it up!
  5. MohammadEra

    67 Second Warm Up

    that was dope!
  6. MohammadEra

    All Black, White Sole Vans Old Skool -9.5- Never Worn

    how much to ship to canada? i could buy them through paypal or something if the price is right. pm me
  7. MohammadEra

    Southern California Vx1mk1 Montage

    wow man, that was an amazing edit. you just got yourself a new subscriber hahah.
  8. MohammadEra

    Park Footage Needs Critique

    I really liked the fisheye footage, you really know how to make the tricks flow and look good, and the light gives it a really nice old-school look. long lens could use some work in my opinion. maybe try zooming in a little tighter and finding a reference point to go to after the skater rolls away, the same way you filmed the wallie back tail and went to his shoes after. keep up the good work!
  9. Throwaway footage from a few days of filming downtown. Let me know what you think. I feel like the video quality isnt as good as it could be.
  10. MohammadEra

    Raw Clips At St.helena Skatepark

    Other than the steady shot, Id say try to have the skater enter and leave the frame from the sides instead of in the dead center, just use the width of the fisheye to your advantage. But I like that youre getting nice and close to the skaters, keep it up!
  11. MohammadEra

    Park Lines

    This was shot with a vx1 gaymod setup. Ive since upgraded to an mk1 but I wanted advice on the actual filming and whatnot. Let me know whats good!
  12. Hey guys. I have a japanese vx1000, I can set my CP's fine and I know they work. But when I switch the vx's batteries it resets my custom presets. Is this normal? I don't feel like I'm supposed to be setting them every time I put in a fresh battery. Let me know how to fix this! Thanks.
  13. I feel that vx1 style of filming is generally very fast-paced and the angles make everything look raw and more entertaining to watch. However, for most professional DSLR footage which I have seen, the filmer is quite far from the skateboarder and the angles are very inanimate, I mean that the tricks aren't in your face so much as vx footage. I was wondering what you guys preferred: Fast-paced, in your face style of filming --- vs.--- Smooth and clean, HD filming. Would getting closer to the subject with a dslr look bad and shaky? Or is there a proper way to make good use of angles and make dslr filming more entertaining to watch? Thanks!
  14. MohammadEra

    Assignment 2 Vote

    1st- NickEliot 2nd- alexgomez 3rd- rodrigojapa