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  1. onstandby

    The Compression Thread

    im on a DVX and a PC i havent decided whether i shuld do 30p or 60i. most likely 30p since my vids are going to the web.. so shuld i check frame blending or better downscale or leave em uncheckd? also what about b-frames? and the upper/lower field first is confusing me.. i have data rate at 7500... any help?
  2. onstandby

    The Filming Netjiot

    would i be able to install a firewire port into a "Bitfenix Raider Window" tower? Saw it for a hundred bucks on amazon. it has PSI ports, from what i read thats what you install the firewire port into. Im pretty much just looking for a PC to capture/edit on i have the monitor. if not i could save for the macbookpro or somethin.
  3. onstandby

    "tropical Depression" Vhs Montage

    nice and funky. the vhs footage fits well with the oldschool lookin Rick James video lol
  4. onstandby


    good job on the filmin man. that fs bench ride was a good clip. altho all the skating was good. that country song fit well too
  5. onstandby

    Vhs Montage Lol

    sweet man, liked the vhs stactic on the right. had to find thatsong its sweet thanks. those last few water shots lookd cool also.
  6. onstandby

    Varolina\\\the Roach///vol. 2

    that man made euro and the caution tape stairset at the end looks like great spots. The filming throughout the whole thing was nice skating too. good angle on that ollie down that huge gap over staircase. keep it up on that full length
  7. onstandby


    freakin awesome edit dude those guys shred i wuldnt attempt to skate that big ass pool.
  8. onstandby

    Suburbia Promo

    dat caveman wallride thoooo. this is lookin like it gon be an awesome video filmings on point.
  9. onstandby


    sweet always seen that spot in pro vids. figured it was in LA, thanks for confirming that those ledges look perfect omg. chill edit though. I might be wrong but looks underexposed set manual exposure nd focus
  10. onstandby

    Throw Log #007 "north Kaka"

    this some raw shit music selection fit the vhs real good had an oldschool feel . you did the static at the beginning and vhs choppy effects too well. skating was really insane in particular that impossible to fakie that bs nosepick and that fs5-0wrap-o-round also liked the roof angle good camera work hey also the lost bowl is near my town i heard you gotta know someone to go there?
  11. that dudes skating is so good shuld be gettin boardz on the freefree filming and spots were were on point too yall ballin
  12. onstandby

    Tinktage 1.5

    Hey wheres that last spot in MD? place looks rad
  13. onstandby

    Grant Park Chicago

    nice vid that park looks really fun. lol@ the face zooms and biker squad
  14. onstandby

    The Filming Netjiot

    Whats a good external mic for the DVX?
  15. onstandby

    Willimantic Skatepark

    good job on this. the song was a nice choice for tranny skating. titles were good centered off to the bottom making em not distracting. All your shots are done well too nice lookin park got some good footplants in there.