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  1. davidemartin123

    New Montage

    Yeah, that 720 shuvit is crazy. Thanks man
  2. davidemartin123

    New Montage

    Me and the homies skating.
  3. davidemartin123

    5 Tricks At Insanity Skatepark

  4. davidemartin123

    3 Bangin Clips With David Martin

    these clips were accidentally filmed on widescreen with a vx2000. that's what messed up the look of it.
  5. davidemartin123

    Nyjah Huston

    It was definitely worth the money to buy this part. I can't believe what Nyjah did. It was the best video part i've ever seen.
  6. Nyjah Huston's new video part that just came out is insane. I can't believe what he did at the end. He just took skateboarding to another level.
  7. Let me know what you think.
  8. davidemartin123

    Scott Garrison Throwaway

    nice bigspin at the end and good filming.
  9. tell me what you think.