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  1. myleswaughman@gmail.com

    Hvx200a W/ Xtreme Fisheye And Extras

    The fisheye wouldn't fit an HPX170 would it? If so, would your friend be down to split the fish?
  2. myleswaughman@gmail.com

    Hpx-170 Viewfinder Question

    I got it for $850 (USD) on eBay. I guess it was a pretty good deal considering most of the HPX's I found were closer to $1300.
  3. myleswaughman@gmail.com

    Hpx-170 Viewfinder Question

    Yeah I didn't think it would be to big of a deal, I just wanted to make sure of it. Thanks for all your responses dudes, i'm going to go for it! ✌
  4. myleswaughman@gmail.com

    Hpx-170 Viewfinder Question

    I've found a cheap HPX-170 online and am considering buying it, although the reason it's so cheap is because it's LCD screen is busted. So I was thinking of getting it anyway and shooting using the viewfinder only but I was wondering if anyone on here shoots with an HPX170 and could tell me what the viewfinders on these things are like. My main worry is potential troubles with focusing. If anyone has any advice regarding this i'd highly appreciate it. Thanks!
  5. myleswaughman@gmail.com

    Sony Vx1000

    heaps keen!
  6. myleswaughman@gmail.com


    dude! i have no idea how this hasnt been sold yet, im keen as fuck!
  7. myleswaughman@gmail.com

    The " How Do I Do This Effect" Thread

  8. myleswaughman@gmail.com

    The " How Do I Do This Effect" Thread

    does anyone know how to make titles like the one in this clip? cheers