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  1. Vx1k Ep4

  2. Vx1k Ep3

    Yah, accidentally left steady shot on.
  3. interested in just the mk1
  4. South Florida Mini Montage

  5. First Vx Footy

    Skip to 2:10 or so for skating. Any critique, or suggestions would help, especially with exporting.
  6. Switching Tapes On Vx

    Camera came with maxell lp90's inside, is it okay to start using sony premiums instead?
  7. 15 Sex Of Fun

    haha! it's actually a public park in southern cali, but has tons of spots. here i am wishing that there was more snow for boarding season
  8. 15 Sex Of Fun

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7ugnf5ipbE&feature=youtu.be Just a quick 15 sec clip I posted on instagram.
  9. T2i Rigs

    I have a T2i with a Pro Optic 8mm fisheye on a Cam Caddie. I'm thinking about buying a RODE video mic, but I'm not all too sure about that .
  10. Casual Monday

    Yeah, I totally agree that there was too long of a black screen in the beginning. I will definitely look up more on framing tips. Thank you both for the feedback!
  11. Casual Monday

  12. T2i Audio

    http://www.bhphotovideo.com/indepth/audio/...ones-dslr-video Here's a list of reviews of some affordable mics .
  13. T3i Unsure?

    I say you get the camera with the kit lens, that way you're not stuck with a fixed focal length. Then just use extra money on a 16 gb class 10 memory card by sandisk and some extra batteries. I say having extra batteries and a larger memry card is more important than a fisheye. When I film I usually use up a battery trying to fill up an 8 gb memory card. An 8gb memory card will give you 22 minutes of 1080p 30 fps video and 22 minutes of 720p 60fps video. After knowing you actually can film a decent amount of time without having to recharge or dump your memory, you should get a fisheye. In the end it's just my opinion. Do whatever you feel you should do!
  14. Opteka Vs Rode

    Where do they sell them? It seems they are no longer for sale...