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  1. whos got me? Please and thank you
  2. alex_papke

    Hardflip & Fs Noseslide

    nah you have all that headroom you have so much space to get in there, you wouldn't of cut off anything besides the right side of the stairs and that wall, which no one really needs to see. plus it would have made those stairs look a little bit bigger. idk the amount of headroom you have really bugs me and I think it would look better if he was closer to the top of the frame in one of the corners. noseslide is cool but I would have personally liked more foreground. good colors on the noseslide
  3. alex_papke

    Shawn Powers // Crack Gallery

    a little bit less comp next time would work better for this
  4. alex_papke


    couldn't get any lower :/
  5. alex_papke


    haven't posted on here in a while you guys still use this site? zack krull-bslipslide from a feature I had on the transworld website you can check out here you can seen more recent work from me @ alexpapke.com
  6. alex_papke


    seems like a chill chick
  7. alex_papke

    Switch O

    back it
  8. alex_papke


    caveman grinds on rails look cool
  9. The camera includes the body, zenzanon 80mm f/2.8 lens and 1 120 back. Everything is in mint condition. I am looking to get 400 for the whole kit. anyone who is interested or would like to see photos of the camera can contact me @ alex44papke@gmail.com
  10. alex_papke

    Alienbee Flash/strobe

    ok ok I see you. never found a rechargeable battery that was any good. thx mike
  11. alex_papke

    Alienbee Flash/strobe

    if your going to go the route of alien bees get two. one doesn't look all too good for skating. with that said, you will need the following: 2x b800 flash units 2x sync cords. i believe they are miniphone to miniphone 2x vagabond mini's 2x lightstands. you can go with the cheap ones. 3x pocket wizard plusX. this will be your cheapest option for pocket wizards now, with all that being said, I would say don't go straight for alien bees because chances are you don't have 1000 bucks to just throw away on flashes. get two cheap strobes, some lightstands, a bunch of double A batteries, and maybe pocket wizards if you have the money. your gonna eventually want to get pocketwizards so it seems silly to me to buy anything else because you will eventually need them. hope this gives you some insight
  12. these goes for about 100 bucks used online. I would be willing to sell this for 50 dollars but will get rid of it for cheaper if need be. mint condition. I can send photos if you want. email me if you are interested alex44papke@gmail.com
  13. alex_papke


    pfranks: the king of the pepper chooch
  14. alex_papke

    I S O 1 6 0 0 0

    back it
  15. alex_papke

    New Website

    thanks for the feedback. i was looking at the templates that squarespace had available and I was feeling that layout the most. at first I didn't like it either but after i looked at different layouts/different photogs sites I thought that one fit me best. and thanks everyone else for the kind words, appreciate it!