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  1. jakebenjamin


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G683rflyix8 Quality is as good as I thought it would be, exporting as mp4 on stream clip. Any thoughts on the editing or filming?
  2. jakebenjamin

    Dee Ostrander

    I love how in that comparison Nyjah Huston is Justin Bieber
  3. jakebenjamin

    Dee Ostrander

    fucking yes. who would want nyjah when there are skaters like dee?
  4. jakebenjamin

    Erick Ellington

    slash and dickson had the best parts IMO, but the whole video was so sick, jon minor is rad as hell
  5. jakebenjamin

    Vx 2000 Baterries Question

    It's cold in Canada. That being said I was bringing my camera out with me when I was able to skate, and I was fully aware that my battery life would be short since it is cold. I'm just wondering whether my battery life will be permanantly short, or does the cold just make the battery life low temporarily thanks
  6. jakebenjamin

    Ishod Soty 2013

    I would love if jamie thomas won skater of the year...
  7. jakebenjamin

    Riley Hawk Is Pro

    being in the industry is all about who you know that being said, everyone prominent is there not because of their pure talent since there are many people out there that have a lot to offer skateboarding, but because the dice rolled in their favour. not to diminish their hard work, but if you think any pro skater got to be who they are all by themselves without any assistance at all or luck then you're wrong. to answer your question, hypothetically, who knows (butterfly effect look it up), but if you mean to diminish the fact that he's fucking rad then i don't think that's fair
  8. jakebenjamin

    The Skater Reputation.

    my example may be out of proportion for this conversation but the concept is still the exact same: girls primarily aren't interested in how a guy looks. You never disagreed with my point, as a matter of fact you agreed with it.
  9. jakebenjamin

    The Skater Reputation.

    also, primarily, girls don't look for appearance in guys, they look for image/personality. Don't get me wrong, it matters if you're good looking for a guy, but not that much. Want proof? look at anyone in rock & roll from the 70's...
  10. jakebenjamin

    The Skater Reputation.

    girls ask me all the time to teach them and it always ends in them slamming
  11. jakebenjamin

    The Skater Reputation.

    i don't mean to be hostile i just mean that skaters usually didn't really care what people thought of them, they were indifferent to their image. The reason all these corporations are marketing with skateboards under their models is because they know that there is a substantial image and connotations associated to skating, all we do is perpetrate that image-based mindset when we ponder about how we look to the outside world. in other words who fucking cares haha, just let the girls come to you. don't dwell on it
  12. jakebenjamin

    The Skater Reputation.

    you guys kind of sound like narcissists
  13. jakebenjamin

    Damn Kanye's New Song Bangs !

    Using your terminology: "Mr. West" understands how to appeal to his fanbase by using his fashion fueled by his ego in order to be considered mainstream. In other words, he knows how to market himself. Your sarcastic point may be true: you don’t consciously look for narcissism when expanding your music taste, but of course I meant that subconsciously people crave a narcissistic icon. I’m happy to elaborate but here’s what I think: if you disagree with what I’m saying, then consider this; is Kanye West’s career 100% built on his supposed artistic ability? Obviously it isn’t, so if you make a concession to the fact that there are people out there (number varies) who will easily have their tastes tainted by the corporations associated with Kanye West (even if they may be few in your eyes), why do you think you’re exempt from it? I know I’m not exempt from human nature, my music taste derived from somewhere as did everyone else’s. I'm just questioning why people like the things they do, that's all Also my statement about the 15 years olds was rhetoric, if you didn't already know...I didn't mean that literally.