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  1. Attention All Filmers!

    mike ill email you some stuff. how have you been?
  2. 249 Second Exposure

    it wasnt long enough larger link
  3. Hidden Cracks That Don't Show

    oh hai
  4. Assignment 73 Feedback

    damn i wish i entered a clip in this. i had some good throwaway stuff.
  5. How Close Are You?

    i like to get as close as possible even if you get a little love tap
  6. Tim Cisilino

    [quote name='hvx_lover' post='2555270' date='Aug 12 2008, 07:30 AM']I heard that he is going to quit skateboard filming and will focus on filming a cactus in the desert from now on.[/quote] I just laughed soo hard. just cause its Tim. HOLLA buddy I miss you. Well not in a gay way you know what Im saying though.
  7. The Blackened Blue And Forest Green

    The clip came out cooler then the photo. You should start listening to the photo teacher. And it looks a little crooked. Did you not get a photo of Eric doing the gap?????
  8. I'll Sue Your Nightmare

    gnarbucks sucks. but this photo is beastly.
  9. Robertgarcia

    Yeah he is alright I guess. But I mean like who does he think he is to take over my assignments section.
  10. Charlie Hayes

    Wow. I got one of these...? Mad Hype!!! And yeah I still film everyday. I dont post much because I have been making a video for like 3 years now and its still not finished. But expect some little montages here and there. Thanks guys.
  11. Assignment 50 Feedback

    rob g its on.
  12. Assignment 50 Feedback

    No you cant see it I just checked, but who cares its just the feedback and its like ultimate tease if it was seen by the public. but I am soooooo hyped for this shit.
  13. Blunt Lip

    Im soo good at being in the middle of your pictures.