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  1. charlie-hayes

    Attention All Filmers!

    mike ill email you some stuff. how have you been?
  2. charlie-hayes

    249 Second Exposure

    it wasnt long enough larger link
  3. charlie-hayes

    Hidden Cracks That Don't Show

    oh hai
  4. charlie-hayes

    Assignment 73 Feedback

    damn i wish i entered a clip in this. i had some good throwaway stuff.
  5. charlie-hayes

    How Close Are You?

    i like to get as close as possible even if you get a little love tap
  6. charlie-hayes

    Tim Cisilino

    [quote name='hvx_lover' post='2555270' date='Aug 12 2008, 07:30 AM']I heard that he is going to quit skateboard filming and will focus on filming a cactus in the desert from now on.[/quote] I just laughed soo hard. just cause its Tim. HOLLA buddy I miss you. Well not in a gay way you know what Im saying though.
  7. charlie-hayes

    The Blackened Blue And Forest Green

    The clip came out cooler then the photo. You should start listening to the photo teacher. And it looks a little crooked. Did you not get a photo of Eric doing the gap?????
  8. charlie-hayes

    I'll Sue Your Nightmare

    gnarbucks sucks. but this photo is beastly.
  9. charlie-hayes


    Yeah he is alright I guess. But I mean like who does he think he is to take over my assignments section.
  10. charlie-hayes

    Charlie Hayes

    Wow. I got one of these...? Mad Hype!!! And yeah I still film everyday. I dont post much because I have been making a video for like 3 years now and its still not finished. But expect some little montages here and there. Thanks guys.
  11. charlie-hayes

    Assignment 50 Feedback

    rob g its on.
  12. charlie-hayes

    Assignment 50 Feedback

    No you cant see it I just checked, but who cares its just the feedback and its like ultimate tease if it was seen by the public. but I am soooooo hyped for this shit.
  13. charlie-hayes

    Blunt Lip

    Im soo good at being in the middle of your pictures.