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  1. navonf

    First Clips.

    Try to get closer to an object when you end a clip. Pretty legit though for your first week of filming
  2. navonf

    Pink Lines In Playback

    Yes, uniform lines. Thank you so much for the info! If it happens again i will definitely be sending it in.
  3. Was looking through the forums and I couldn't find much on the subject. I got some pink lines going across the screen during playback on my cap cam (but not in vx1k viewfinder). Out of curiosity i popped in a brand new tape, recorded a bit, popped it back in the cap cam and the pink lines were still there in playback. 5 minutes later i recorded something random and the pink lines went away, could this be a sign of dirty heads, fractures, etc?
  4. navonf

    Long Exposure Assignment

    amaze kevv
  5. navonf

    I Spy...

    playboy [/url]
  6. navonf

    Assignment 40 Voting

    3pts - scottg 2pts - Jerskates 1pt - rodrigojapa
  7. navonf

    Assignment 41 Voting

    3pts - Daniel Kusnir 2pts - KyranFord 1pt - JackoABCDEFG
  8. navonf


    filming was so on point dawgy
  9. navonf

    Assignment 40

    Iphone 5
  10. navonf

    Flagler Skatepark Cookout

    I really appreciate the feedback! The lighting situation was pretty much my fault on the filming part, I set it a wee bit too bright so the sun ate the tricks going towards the hip
  11. park in fl, had a cookout supported by energy skateshop, twatch it, tanks <3
  12. navonf

    How I Met Your Mother

    I think you are a lie.
  13. Made a montage for my local shop Tell me what you thank <3