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  1. TPak

    Good Tripods For Filming Skateboarding?

    i just recently got some Induro legs and then put a Manfrotto head on it. Comes out to around 400 bucks and it's super solid. Only thing is, when leveling you have to level by the legs. It's not as convenient as a tripod with a ballhead for easy leveling.
  2. TPak

    Best Camers/dslr's For Filming Skateboarding

    I'm looking to do the same. It all depends on your budget. But I would say 5D Mark III and if you don't have that money then go with a Mark II. Just keep in mind a 5D is full frame as opposed the the T3i crop sensor. If you are looking for a fisheye too, I have heard some good thing about the Sigma 15mm and it's a relatively good price. There's also the Canon 15mm Fisheye but you can only really find those used on Ebay nowadays.
  3. TPak

    Frame Rate For Rap Video Shoot?

    Seeing the difference between 720p and 1080p resolution is hardly seen in my opinion. I personally like the 60 fps for a really nice slow mo. If you are worried about the resolution I would say you are good shooting 60fps 720p as long as you have some good sharp lenses and then you can just down res anything you shoot 24fps.
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