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  1. Nickbradian

    Vx1000 Hotshoe

    Long story short, the hotshoe on my vx1000 is missing, so if anyone has a spare hotshoe I'll buy it off them. I have extra screws to screw it in ..
  2. Nickbradian

    Vx1000 Fucked Or Naw?

    Shit or it could be just the lid rattling
  3. Nickbradian

    Vx1000 Fucked Or Naw?

    Yeah I can hear something moving very little though. Uhm when I close the tap deck lid I hear a springy clicking sound. I'm just wondering should I get a new vx in the end due to price?
  4. was out yesterday, was like 32-34 degrees out and i put my camera down came back to look at it and the damn viewfinder is white, camera wouldnt turn off unless i took the batteries out. Uhm after that shit happened audio started glitching along with some video glitches(Never had a glitch before ever ever ever with this vx had it for a couple months also). After thattttt when i ejected the tape, one of the white motor thingies that rotates the tape kept fucking spinning like really fucking fast. That wouldn't stop unless i took the battery out. Uhm next When i tried to shut the tape deck it wouldn't click close, so once again i took the damn battery out and it went down. Uhm all of this shit keeps happening every time i open or try to close the tape deck. Also sometimes the tape deck wont even pop open or come up all the way. Also when i close the tapedeck lid i can hear some weird ass sound. Also theres always an eject symbol on the vx battery lid. it isnt the cold cause i just tried it again today and all of the same shit is happening. The fuck is wrong here? Did i put it down too hard and fracture a piece of the board or ccd or whatever. IS this shit fixable or am i fucked? lemme get that estimate Thanks in advance if you read this whole thing/shared with me some of your knowledge/know what the fuck is wrong here >
  5. Nickbradian

    Hvx200a / Opteka

    just sell your whole setup and get a dvx/mk2...........
  6. Nickbradian

    Panasonic Gh4

    four kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  7. Nickbradian

    Vx1000 Viewfinder

    just sell it to me for parts
  8. Nickbradian

    Vx1000 Playback

    your vx path or heads wwhatever the technical term is aren't alligned so it will only work with your vx im assuming
  9. Nickbradian

    Wtb: The Mintiest Of Mint Vx

    i got a vx that had its viewfinder serviced and heads cleaned last month. Bayo is taped on but that isn't a problem at all tbh....letting it go for under $300..
  10. Nickbradian


    I got a perfect working vx1 for sale $275 needa get rid of it ASAP! (fucking bills)
  11. Nickbradian

    Is College Worth It?

    just stop posting please
  12. Nickbradian


    nah, only bad thing here are his pants.
  13. Nickbradian

    Vx1mk1 Setups? Wtb

    got over a grand. PM me.