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  1. swizzl58

    Winter Montage!

    Thanks dude! and yeah some of that shakiness was from my friends that reallllllly wanted to film lol.
  2. swizzl58


    Super solid filming like always! Edit: Check my edit out too please! Its the one right under this in montages!
  3. Me and my homies stacked a lot of clips at my local skatepark in Buffalo, NY so I put together a montage! Enjoy!!!
  4. If any of you guys have an Apple product you can download the free app called Shazam and it identifies songs for you.
  5. swizzl58

    Best Of 2011 (all The Homies)

    Pretty solid. If anything cut the clips a little shorter if you not adding an overlay or transition. But yeah it was sick! Oh yeah and the NAC should have been ender! haha.
  6. swizzl58

    Guess Which Pro Was Arrested

    jereme in 2009
  7. swizzl58

    Dvx100a Question

    Oh okay.
  8. swizzl58

    Dvx100a Question

    If someone could please clarify the question I think I would be able to assist in fixing the problem with your camcorder.
  9. swizzl58

    Mastic Beach Skatepark

    Pretty solid montage! I would say use transitions instead of just clip after clip, etc. And like GhettoBlaster said I think that the angle you had for the euro was a little akward. You couldn't really tell that there was a euro there and when filming you always want to be able to tell what the obstacle was. Also I would say to make sure you have an even balance with longlens and fisheye. Other than that I thought it was very enjoyable! I like the way that your videos flow! And great filming I don't think you cut head or shook the camera once!
  10. swizzl58

    Dvx100a Question

    Did my last post solve the question of this topic?