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  1. Skater132

    WTB century xtreme

    Looking for xtreme fisheye for HVX or HPX/HMC PM me
  2. Skater132

    MK1 or xtreme

    Willing to buy MK1 or xtreme fisheye. Let me know
  3. Skater132

    Wtb: Century Xtreme Fisheye For Hvx

    How much are you willing to pay?
  4. Skater132

    Wtb Mk1, Mk2, Vx1000

    Looking for an mk1 and a vx1000 would even buy an mk2 for a good price. Pm me
  5. Skater132

    Wtb : Vx1000 Mk1 Setup

    I'm selling a mint vx1000
  6. Skater132

    Wtb: Mk1

  7. That element is never coming off with those huge dents on the housing. Honestly this lens is just done
  8. Skater132

    Bought A Fresh Rig... Problems, Questions.

    Yes you need to start off with a 72 spacer to fit it over the base of the lens then build up from there. I am also selling an mk1 for the vx1000 if you are interested DM me
  9. Video say it requires a password. I'd also like to see pics
  10. Skater132

    Sd Meets Hd

    That's freakin amazing
  11. Skater132

    New Dvx200

    That looks sick! Hope they make an xtreme for it!
  12. Skater132

    Wtb Mint Sony Vx1000

    I have one