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  1. WTB century xtreme

    Looking for xtreme fisheye for HVX or HPX/HMC PM me
  2. MK1 or xtreme

    Willing to buy MK1 or xtreme fisheye. Let me know
  3. Wtb: Century Xtreme Fisheye For Hvx

    How much are you willing to pay?
  4. Wtb Mk1, Mk2, Vx1000

    Looking for an mk1 and a vx1000 would even buy an mk2 for a good price. Pm me
  5. Wtb : Vx1000 Mk1 Setup

    I'm selling a mint vx1000
  6. Wtb: Mk1

  7. That element is never coming off with those huge dents on the housing. Honestly this lens is just done
  8. Bought A Fresh Rig... Problems, Questions.

    Yes you need to start off with a 72 spacer to fit it over the base of the lens then build up from there. I am also selling an mk1 for the vx1000 if you are interested DM me
  9. Video say it requires a password. I'd also like to see pics
  10. Sd Meets Hd

    That's freakin amazing
  11. New Dvx200

    That looks sick! Hope they make an xtreme for it!
  12. Wtb Mint Sony Vx1000

    I have one