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  1. bosco

    Random Photo Discussion

    i don't think they are quite at hype price yet. the silver ones are actually a good value right now!! the wide ones are pretty sweet
  2. bosco

    Random Photo Discussion

    got a super rough t4 off of a buddy and i had to glue the back plate thing back on so it would space the frames properly still kinda has focus problems because the plate isn't sitting far enough off the back door to be in its normal spot? idk though the lenses on those things are great
  3. bosco

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    @battmosco tryna post more often
  4. bosco


    here are a few from the last few months finished school a few months ago. starting a full time position at the end of february, stoked for it been bulk loading kentmere 400 that my old high school teacher gave meeeee
  5. bosco

    Random Photo Discussion

    super stoked to get an email saying people were posting in rpd. whats good dudes
  6. bosco

    Random Photo Discussion

    cool cool thank you guys
  7. bosco

    Random Photo Discussion

    what do those acronyms stand for tune?? haha also im looking for an fx2 or fx3 if any of u fellas have one laying around
  8. bosco

    Random Photo Discussion

    i think im going to be in new york from the 15th to the 18th of july. what are the best galleries photo wise and then just general art wise to check out? so far im planning to see a yankees game, see the sights and to do a pizza tour lol. any other cool things i should check out? eat at?
  9. bosco

    Random Photo Discussion

    rip chase such a good guy just sold the JCH tap and dye strap he traded me a while ago damn
  10. bosco

    Random Photo Discussion

    sold this one for 100 bones, 400 seems a little steep haha. never even put a roll through it though so i wouldnt say i fuck with them
  11. bosco

    Random Photo Discussion

    did u guys see this? found it at a thrift store thought it was pretty cool
  12. bosco

    Random Photo Discussion

    merry xmas guys hey zane wanna accept me to that camera gear group
  13. bosco

    Random Photo Discussion

    happy holdidays bys' been shooting a lot latley its good
  14. bosco

    Random Photo Discussion

    I push my hp5 to 1600 with hc110b, it looks pretty nice