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  1. nico

    Wtb: Vx1000 Batts

    wtb: Vx1k batts that still hold a charge. Please hmu if you have any that you are willing to sell! Thanks
  2. Is there any difference between the new and the old MK1 lenses? For some reason I feel like i can tell the difference. In footage i watch of in VX. Some is super clear and some is still clear and not blurry but a kind of different quality of glass. Am I just going crazy and imagining it or could this be true. Thanks
  3. This happened to both of mine the vtr cable is broken, it really doesn't matter because you shouldn't be rewinding on a vx in the first place. Also you don't need to rewind the cleaning tape to clean it. (Not sure what you mean about that you don't want to use the last guys brand of tape tho.)
  4. nico

    Help With Sony Vx1000

    Yeah if the fish doesn't stay on you're kind of fucked. I've bought cheap broken vxs before on ebay for like $50 and just replaced the vap myself instead of sending it to repairs. But I can see why you wouldn't want to do that. Thats really the only way to fix it though.
  5. nico


    fun music to trip to but sucks sober
  6. looking for music like pink floyd and jimi, please help
  7. nico

    Welcome Skateboards

    welcome 4 lyf
  8. nico

    Chino Pants To Skate In

    old navy silm or broken in. The silms are only like $8
  9. so today my gs 120 cap cam got jammed. Any one know to to fix? I really dont want to send it of to be fixed because its a pos. when I put the battery in the sreen just goes blue and nothing happens, the botton starts to heat up pretty bad and theres a litte clicking sound in the heads. Help!