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  1. Dude, chill. Stressing over some post on a skateboarding forum is not going to make you any good.
  2. F3deProd

    Capture Cam/device?

    To not put "dirtyness" that might be in you capture camera into your expensive camera. To avoid this just use the entire tape and then capture the tape on your capture camera.
  3. F3deProd

    Can' Decide What Tripod/ Fluid Head To Buy

    How durable do you think it is? Do you think the counterbalance will make it difficult to use with a vx1000?
  4. Been looking on the manfrotto 502hd but the negative reviews really threw me off. The same with the 500. Anything above that is way out of my budeget. Also considered getting one of those old bogen manfrotto 3063/136 fluid heads kits that usually pop on ebay. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1138179-REG/benro_bv4_video_tripod_kit.html This one also looks good but couldn't find any review of it on youtube. What do you think? too many options out there. All of them seems to have something bad about them. Has anyone tried these heads? Thoughts? Thanks in advance. can't**
  5. F3deProd

    (new?) Version Of The 235 Degree Phone Fisheye

    the regular shitty one does a much better job
  6. F3deProd

    Buenos Aires Street Eamigo

    I have no idea since I have never used movie maker in my life, but you could export it regularly and then convert it to "hd" with mpeg stream clip. the vx films in 480 60i so I made a 720 60 p timeline in premiere, added some deinterlacing and exported it in h264
  7. I have a vx1000 that had only run sony premiums and i have a cap cam that has only seen panasonic tapes. Is it possible to use that cap cam to capture sony tapes recorded on the vx (after running a headcleaning tape on the cap cam)or is it just gonna screw up and make the cap cam unusable? ps: the tapes that are going to be in the cap cam are not going back to the vx.
  8. wish i had finished mine in time hahah
  9. F3deProd

    Puerto Vx

    calm down, We were just chilling haha
  10. F3deProd

    Not A Photographer

    that black bar on the left is kind of annoying