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  1. VAP head is loose and tape deck is wack
  2. cooperslack

    New Park Vxmk1

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLPYPWlYAYE Du Mi A FAvuR and SuBscriBE tuh MEEhhhH!!
  3. cooperslack

    Park Curb

    you're gay nick
  4. cooperslack

    Is The Vx1000 Dying?

    Although this has been talked about, I just wanted to bring it back up because I'm sure it has been talked about before and its probably dead by now. Recently I was offered a Vx1000 MK1 setup for my T2i setup. I have a HVX also. I've always wanted a VX. Obviously my main concern is the fact that its working ability, and everything. He said all internal stuff was replaced/tuned up and the outside is in some of the best shape ive seen. I still think VX footage looks sweet for skating. What do you think? Dying? Should I trade?
  5. cooperslack

    Higherr Bruh Vx1000 Mk1

    thanks guys! means a ton
  6. cooperslack

    Higherr Bruh Vx1000 Mk1

    thanks guys!
  7. cooperslack

    Pole Jam - Gunther Therron

    beauty alex
  8. cooperslack

    Nose Manny

    this is awful, tbh
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTYxv3qVnrs&feature=youtu.be
  10. cooperslack

    Skate Kitchen

    leave your stuff raw. filming and skating was good but i felt like i was watching a dubstep music video.
  11. head chops and shaky, other than that pretty good
  12. cooperslack

    Street Throwaway (vx1000/mk1)

    fucked up the exporting. yipeeee
  13. cooperslack

    Nigel K Alexander

    uh guys, its a sony f700.
  14. cooperslack

    Best Light For Vx1000

    frezzi's are tanks
  15. cooperslack

    Quicke Vx1mk1

  16. cooperslack

    Vx1000 Mk1

  17. cooperslack

    Vxjuan Mkjuan

  18. cooperslack

    Vxjuan Mkjuan

    also had to turn mono levels down due to really high accidental manual audio
  19. cooperslack

    Vxjuan Mkjuan

    accidently changed it to manual. you guys are fukin stoopid
  20. cooperslack

    Vxjuan Mkjuan

  21. cooperslack

    Vx1000 First

    yeah, i was working with the cp's and i just threw some together. itll be better next time. and mk1
  22. cooperslack

    Vx1000 First

    yeah, thanks man. the clip filmin was on and off sunny.