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    Wtb / Trade For: Vx1000 Mk1

    I'm would like to buy a VX1000, MK1. Pretty self explanatory. Perfect working order VX1000, minty MK1. Please don't give me any offers like Raymod, or opteka. Please. I would trade a HVX200A bundle. No fisheye. If I went for a trade, your VX setup better be in really minty shape. EMAIL ME for more info: coopergslack@gmail.com Will not ship out of U.S. due to the fact I got screwed over by custom taxes.
  2. i have an hvx i will trade...
  3. watch in 720 first time out filming this year. my hands were freezing and i could barely put my board down without fucking up somehow. but enjoy it!
  4. cooperslack

    Century Xtreme Vs. Opteka .3 (request)

    shot with both. currently shooting with the xtreme. the xtreme is a whole nother world.
  5. cooperslack

    Even Vignette On Xtreme

    How can i get the most even vig on the xtreme lens, shooting with the hvx200a?
  6. cooperslack

    P2 Cards/ Trade T2i Setup

    Looking to buy P2 cards. 16, 32, or 64. Also have a t2i setup i would trade.
  7. cooperslack

    No Comply Down A Big 5

    he l00ks ripped...
  8. cooperslack

    Crooked Grind And Nose Slide

    3rd one perfect
  9. cooperslack

    Roof Drop

    this would be way sick if it was a tad later and no one in the shot
  10. cooperslack

    Kickflip Frontside Noseslide

    way boring shot, i dont think its a photo worthy shot
  11. cooperslack

    Nathan Hines

    gay af
  12. cooperslack


    dang d00d purrrrfect
  13. cooperslack


    yeah, too much contrast, i like the blackness in the backround, but i would like to see the full subject
  14. cooperslack

    Front Board

    dis is a sik shot yo
  15. cooperslack


    not diggin tha angle
  16. cooperslack

    Let It Ride With Oscar Meza

    good work dude. everything was good.
  17. cooperslack

    Hvx200a Xtreme Fisheye

    offense *
  18. cooperslack

    Hvx200a Xtreme Fisheye

    scene file settings, editing program maybe, and your awful songs no offence haha
  19. cooperslack

    When Filming In The Hood?

  20. cooperslack

    New Geneva Park

    this was good! everything was good except in some of your lines you were kinda far and a bit shaky. def one of your best edits