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  1. thanks dude! much appreciated. if you liked it, it would be tight if you subbed because i lost all mine from my channel being banned.
  2. convert it using mpeg streamclip. i have no idea how you got a .mxf file because p2 isnt in that. but if you have a mac convert it to apple proress 422 (lt) and it should be good. no rendering. but my hvx clips as a DVC pro 720p file.
  3. cooperslack

    How To Attatch An Xtreme To An Hvx200

    funny thing about that is that i barely talk to my dad, i only see him on wednesday. 100% all my money. i didnt buy and xtreme and hvx right away so i can film myself
  4. cooperslack

    How To Attatch An Xtreme To An Hvx200

    haha. this is great. maybe now you have an hvx xtreme you can make a video thats more than just you filming your backyard and yourself skating.
  5. cooperslack

    New Opteka Handle! (ex-pro)

    stick to the eazy handle. opteka is janky.
  6. cooperslack

    East Coast To Fakers

    yeah dalllyyyyyboi
  7. cooperslack

    Is The Vx1000 Dying?

    ive also been looking for an xlr mic, liking the audiotechnica's. any mic / windscreen suggestions?
  8. cooperslack

    Dvx Mkii

    max i might have a mk2 for you! not me from someone else.
  9. cooperslack

    Is The Vx1000 Dying?

    i do agree. i use my hvx for snowboarding too. where hd is everything. I love the vx footy, but only certain people can pull it off i believe. thanks for the help. and ive almost bought a xtreme a couple of times. and recently the price for the xtreme dropped to about 2200. so ill be taking your advice.
  10. cooperslack

    Is The Vx1000 Dying?

    there is no major difference in the 200a and the hpx besides the tape deck. its .2 pounds heavier than the hvx.
  11. cooperslack

    Is The Vx1000 Dying?

    i dont think my hvx will go out of date.
  12. cooperslack

    Wtb: Decent Sized P2 Card(s)

    PM me if you got any p2 cards
  13. cooperslack

    Manybrand 8mm Canon Mount

    i gotchu, rokinon 8mm pm me
  14. cooperslack

    Wtb Many Brand Fisheye And Handle

    i got a minty rokinon 8mm pm me
  15. cooperslack

    Dslr Setup

    t2i + 3 lenses
  16. cooperslack

    Dslr Setup

    i got one holla at me!
  17. cooperslack

    Wtb: Rokinom 8mm

    i got one pm me
  18. cooperslack

    Wtb: Canon Rebel T2i

    i got a t2i setup pm me
  19. cooperslack

    Wtb: T2i

    i got one pm me
  20. cooperslack

    Wtb: Rokinon/peleng 8mm

    perfect rokinon 8mm! pm me
  21. cooperslack

    Canon T2i,body Or Kit

    i have a full t2i setup. pm me
  22. cooperslack

    Wtb: P2 Card Reader

    why dont u import from usb
  23. cooperslack

    I Want To Buy A Canon Or A Panasonic Camera

    i got a full t2i setup pretty mcuh brand new
  24. cooperslack

    North Carolina Shreddin Vx1000/hvx200

    oh and export to hvx settings too.