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  1. have a canon60d with a lot of extras message me if interested.
  2. Vx1000 Raymod Complete Setup!

    dude if yu can hold this until feburary 10th i will fershure but it tht day i need this setup so bad it soo sick
  3. Sold

    can yu hold it until feburary 10th ill b it fershure dude how much are yu selling it for?
  4. Fs: Mk1

    hey whats the difference between schneider optics and century precision i kno its the same but is the lens different beecuz on some lens the name is diffent on the side
  5. Fs: Mk1

    hey does scartches show on footy?
  6. Century Mk1

    hey i wanted to kno if yu culd hold it till feburary 9th ill buy it fershure then????
  7. hey i was wondering if yu wuld be able to hold this till feburary 9th i can get it for 1300 fershure paypal on the 9th??plz man haha