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  1. So I recently acquired a used Panasonic HPX250 and today it started to give me trouble turning on where it would take a few tries switching the on/off switch or putting in a new battery to get it to power up. Finally it will not power up no matter what I do. When I put in the battery and switch it to ON, the backlight on the LCD lights up, but the red lamp indicating the mode does not light up. The camera is humming and it seems like it is getting power. The weirdest part is that if I switch it to OFF, it does not stop humming nor does the backlight turn off. The issue happens with 3 different batteries and also the AC adapter. Any idea what is happening?
  2. I'm game. Maybe if we film some clips of a filmer lurking SP on their phone at the spot or some shit, it might catch our target audience's attention. 30 sec spot + candid photos pushed out over social media might get the ball rolling?
  3. bobbybils

    DSLR Long Lens

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, you need to have a separate power source for the zoom rocker.
  4. bobbybils

    Which Camera Should I Go For?

    I recommend the 6D. The Wifi function on it can also be pretty handy, however you can't send videos to your phone. Here's a video I made completely with the 6D and Tokina 10-17mm (cheaper alternative to Canon's 8-15) in 720/60p.
  5. bobbybils

    East Coast Trip

    I can hook it up with a few good spots in Orlando.
  6. Little montage I made from Florida to California
  7. bobbybils


    Ah, I was judging from my HPX. Good call.
  8. bobbybils


    You need a 6-pin to 9-pin firewire, I got mine at RadioShack. Call ahead to see if they have them in stock.
  9. bobbybils

    Harbor Promo

    Yeah I might make a few or so.
  10. bobbybils

    Cannot Connect Hvx200 To Pc At All!

    Try using a different battery. One time that was the solution to the same problem for me.
  11. bobbybils

    Best 5d3 Fisheye?

    From what I hear, the Canon 8-15mm is your best bet.