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  1. chris9tophe

    Which Long Lens?

    I get really smooth zooms with the canon 17-40l
  2. chris9tophe


    Front board is sick!
  3. chris9tophe


    Houston, Tx Austin, Tx Galvaston, Tx
  4. chris9tophe

    Cheap On Camera Led

    So I had the cheap plastic cn-160 light from amazon and yesterday it got hit and the cold shoe broke. So I'm just wondering if anyone has recommendations for another or better quality light for a reasonable price.
  5. chris9tophe


    Paris B&W Red arch Final by Christophe Pettipas-Friedrich, on Flickr People Sittin Scene by Christophe Pettipas-Friedrich, on Flickr Eiffel Tower Flahing fisheye final by Christophe Pettipas-Friedrich, on Flickr Scrathes on fisheye kinda blow on the 3rd one, if someone could tell me how to remove this in lightroom that would be appreciated. C&C go for it
  6. chris9tophe

    Berlin Trip

    That was sick, spots look so fun too
  7. Does this ever happen to anyone else? Nothing serious my right shoulder just gets all weird from filming sometimes. Chiropractor always fixes it then it just kinda happens again eventually. Just wondering if anyone on here has had anything similar
  8. chris9tophe


    I use a zoom h1 with an attenuation cable and the coldshoe adapter and it works amazingly. Just over $100 too and you have a recorder
  9. chris9tophe

    Last Call Friends Section

    the nollie heel boardslide down the rail was too sick
  10. chris9tophe

    What Next?

    Ill sell an 18-55 for 80 perfect condition
  11. chris9tophe

    Photo/video Website

    . Whats the link to your site id love to see it if you dont mind