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  1. JaakkoSkates

    Wtb: Eazy Handle V2

    Looking to buy an Eazy Handle V2 ASAP!! The faster the sale the better
  2. JaakkoSkates

    Bout To Start Shaving

    Get a straight razor
  3. JaakkoSkates

    Hvx/hpx Mic

    Maybe a sennhesier mke400 with an xlr adapter?
  4. So sadly it's come to a point where I have to get rid of my vx. This thing has been great for the about year and a half I've had it. Just can't afford to keep it now because I don't use it enough and just got fired. It works amazingly. No glitches, no audio fuck ups or anything. Exterior is about a 8/10 but the mechanics are a solid 9.5/10. If sold it will come with the camera, 2 large batteries, a canon backpack that fits it all perfect, a walle video light, a large battery for said light, a Raymod fisheye done by me(no strings or condensation inside the lens, and various other small things. Looking mostly for about $650 for all of it but I will consider any and all trades. As far as trades go I'm mostly looking for canon dslr things, an ez handle plus cash, or maybe acura rsx parts if you happen to have them. Pics to come later. I can send them to you at will if you just text me at 5024759099. I also check messages on here. Let me know what you got/if you're interested!
  5. JaakkoSkates

    Opteka 72mm On Vx2000

    I had to do this a while back when I switched from my HMC to a VX2. I couldn't find a straight up 72-58 ring so I had to use multiples. It wasn't too bad and looked normal. Only thing I could complain about was the weight
  6. JaakkoSkates

    Unarmed Robbery

    god fucking damn where the fuck christa at?
  7. JaakkoSkates


    That first one is actually tight as hell
  8. JaakkoSkates

    Beanplant And Hurricane

    That bean plant is fucking gnarly Edit: Die hard post. I'd like to thank the academy
  9. JaakkoSkates

    Portland, Oregon

    I go to Portland for a little over a week each summer. It's an awesome place to skate and I've learned a lot of things to skate around there. While you're there, take a trip down to Eugene. There's a lot of great things to skate down there and everyone there is pretty chill.
  10. JaakkoSkates

    Panasonic Ag

    Ag is part of panasonics code for naming most cameras so it's pretty general that you're just say Panasonic ag
  11. JaakkoSkates

    Follow Focus System?

    I've seen follow focus like systems solely for zooming
  12. JaakkoSkates

    Ebay Buyer Help

    It happened to me whenever I used buy it now. I just stopped putting buy it bows on auctions and never got them again
  13. JaakkoSkates

    Good Books Vol. 3?

    I really like this. I'll post some stuff later.
  14. JaakkoSkates

    How Is This Hvx Fisheye?

    That thing would be more like a wide angle than a fisheye really. Buy one of the sony hdv or dvx mk2's instead til you can get an xtreme. Or just straight save for the xtreme