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  1. Ishod & Scotty O

    i love you
  2. 60d For Vx1

  3. 60d For Vx1

    Yo, I'm trying to get another vx1 setup and i have no real money. I have a pretty cool 60d setup, mostly for taking photos, but if anyone is interested i would be super stoked if we could work something out. The setup is as follows Canon 60d body (mint) with box and all of that good stuff 1 Canon battery and charger Rokinon 8mm 3.5 fisheye 2 yongnuo flashes 1 Quantum t2 flash ( I think the battery is faulty, get it fixed for $30 on ebay) Some Yongnuo transmitter and receivers (always work well) Yes i know there is no long lens. I sold mine to my brother and use that. Hit me up 4048575457 we can work something out
  4. 50-50 Down The Middle Rail

    This is super rad!
  5. Back

    Thanks dudes!
  6. Back

    Gonna be shooting a lot more now, heres some kinda old stuff. Critique is always appreciated
  7. Been A Minute

    Thanks man!
  8. Been A Minute

    Been out of the game for a while due to a pretty shitty concussion. Here are a couple of shots from my first time shooting in a couple months. I'll be posting more as I get back to speed. Critique is always welcome Good to be back!
  9. Bronica Sq-a Setup

  10. Fs: Canon 60d Body

    Whoops, meant to put this in photo. Sorryyyy
  11. Fs: Canon 60d Body

    Thing is super mint, Itll come with the og box, a battery, charger, sd card, and some other shit. I just need money for a whip asap. Photos upon request Thinkin 600 shipped? OBO Thanks manes Will trade for canon 40d/50d plus cash
  12. Bronica Sq-a Setup

    I would like to get this thing gone!
  13. Joel Peck - Crook Bonk

    +1 for the hair
  14. Bs | Fs

    I like both of these but the colors in the second are fantastic!