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  1. Heelflip

    I think you did alright with what you are working with, but this seems very boring to me. The spot is not that interesting and the skater is so small in the frame. Not really feeling the ass shot either, would be better if he was reg. Maybe a fisheye would have been a better option from the top of the stairs, but then you wouldn't see the drop on the other side. Or even fisheye from the bottom of the stairs, but again it would be another ass shot.
  2. Back Smith

    This is one of the first photos I ever shot that I was really stoked on. Wish the spot was still there, only went once and then it was removed a couple months later. I have been told it's too tilted. Opinions?
  3. 5050 and Backside Nosegrind

    Yeah, from flat. Dude is a beast
  4. What the hell have you been up to?

    I don't think too many people will remember me since I didn't join sp until near the end, but I was lurking around for a good amount of time before that. I have been pretty diligent shooting as much as I can during the break. I got a few things published in Canadian mags and started a zine. Had a baby girl in September so my free time has been drastically reduced. Still manage to go skate about once a week and I shoot photos whenever I can. SP was always an amazing resource so hyped it's back!
  5. Welcome Back Everybody.

    How did you break your camera in half?
  6. 5050 and Backside Nosegrind

    Not sure I follow. Are you saying it's showing too much of the stairs? There is a wall from a long wheel chair ramp right behind me so that prevented me from taking the long lens angle I would have wanted.
  7. 5050 and Backside Nosegrind

    Here's a couple that are somewhat recent, opinions and crit please. Cody Beaudry, 5050 up and over Chris Kuitenbrouwer, Backside Nosegrind
  8. Crook, Kickflip, Lip

    I think you nailed it on all three. For the 15 maybe there is some other fresh vantage point you could get through a window or something. Other then that fisheye would be my next bet.
  9. Couple kickflips from summer

    First one is sick. I wish he wasn't wearing a black sweater, really blends in to the background. The second one seems like it might have been better to take a bunch of steps back and use a long lens of there was room. Also the way he is catching it seems not the most photogenic. Might have been worthwhile to get him to do it again till it looks proper. Timing slightly earlier on the second kickflip could have also maybe helped, I don't care for photos when the kickflip is over rotated at the point of catch.
  10. Compton Rails

    I think a more effective angle would have been shooting vertical from bottom of the rail on the ramp side. Seems like you could have gotten low and framed him in the sky while showing the stairs and run up. Either that or go horizontal from a similar angle to the second photo but maybe more up the ramp and put your camera on the ground pointing up. In any case I think the second angle shows the trick better, I don't like blunts from the opposite side.
  11. The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

  12. Sw blunt and sw heel

    This is the only skate photo I have really shot with it, haven't tried with flashes yet. The shutter has a noticeably slower delay on the shutter than my 5D so I find that a bit awkward to get used to. I'm gonna play around with it this coming year hopefully once winter is done.
  13. Sw blunt and sw heel

    Hyped to see the site back up! Here is a couple from the break. I don't normally shoot tricks with it but first one is with my Fuji X100S Justin Fabus - Switch Blunt. Brandon Del Bianco - Switch Heel
  14. it's been a while

    I dig this
  15. Skinny Kickflip

    Thanks dawg. I would have liked the kickflip to be a bit later as well, but I was trying to time it so he blocked out the sun and this is what we got. It was just a warm up so we were both happy with it. The reason I didn't go lower with the angle was I wanted to show how narrow the ledge is.