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  1. ashercollins

    The Ramped Slow Mo Thread

    Are you using H.264 to export? Because sometimes the colors can get weird, I use animation if it's only like a 10 second clip b/c that will look the best even though it is a huge file.
  2. ashercollins

    I Need Help With My Camera

    I think that a tape camera is going to have better audio and video quality, you might wanna try looking at some of canon's cheap camera, there's this one that's called the ZR-960 I don't think they make it anymore but it recordes on tape and you can put a fisheye on it.
  3. ashercollins

    Look Here Before Posting An Ebay Item!

    Look out for this user his name is blisterchicken, he tried to sell me a vx2k and when I won it for like $500 he said that his paypal account got taken away and I would have to pay for it through like a google invoice or something like that, which is pretty much like giving the guy 500 bucks and having no insurance on it. This dude scammed me and later I found out that he had done this kinda stuff before and I think they might have taken his account away but i'm not sure.
  4. ashercollins

    Exporting In Premiere For Youtube?

    Yeahh the vx2k does have progressive but its 15FPS max
  5. ashercollins

    Manual Settings

    I have a vx2k and this is how I set everything White Balance- i'll find something white and press the white balance button to get the colors right, then if i'm outside i'll set the color balance to sun mode, which will give you a reddish tone that looks better outside Shutter Speed- I don't like to leave the shutter speed at 60, i think it looks better if I set anywhere from 125-250 depending how bright it is. Just make sure that you don't bring the shutter speed up so high that you will have to pump up the exposure Exposure- I almost never leave the exposure on auto, unless im filming a line where there are different amounts of sunlight in different places. I will put it on auto and zoom the camera into the place where I think the lighting is best represented, then i'll take it off of auto and make it stay at the exposure that I set. I don't like the look where suddenly the shot gets darker when you pan over to a lighter place. Also it looks bed if this happens when your filming a line and the sun is behind the skater and the skater will become a silloughette. Custom Presets- I use custom presets to manualy change the colors, sharpness, color level and some other things. For the color level I will turn that all the way to the top or one notch from the top. I will never turn the sharpness above the middle level because I will bring down the quality. Sometimes I'll turn the sharpness down as well for some long lens shots. i leave it in the middle for fisheye stuff. Teh last thing is the AE SHIFT what that does is it manually brings the exposure level in the whole camera up or down. I will usually bring the level down a little because I think that the levels on the camera are a little bright.
  6. I was just wondering how you guys export your footage in premiere, I use a vx2000 and for the past couple of months have kinda switch beetween DVC-PRO, H.264, and H.264 Compressed down, I feel like DVCPRO and H.264 were really big files that took a while to upload, while the compressed file looked kinda crappy. So tell me how you guys export. This is what my H.264 Compressed down in quicktime looks like [post=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gxer1Eu15aE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gxer1Eu15aE[/post]
  7. ashercollins

    Dirty Heads

    I've got a vx2k and I have this problem, the audio will always drop out and shit, but it's weird. If I record at the beginning of the tape, I will barely get any audio because it will drop out so much. But if I fast forward the tape to like 20 minutes the problem will almost go away. I've tried cleaning the heads but it hasn't really helped much. And then sometimes there are video glitches to but it is rare and random, it gets kinda annoying fast forwarding the tape like everyday and i'm thinking of getting it repaired but it's REALLY expensive, like 300-500 bucks, any suggestions?
  8. ashercollins

    How To Time Lapse

    What I do on my vx2000 is I just leave it recording on a tripod and then speed it up to like 5000% in post, I don't think that many camera's really have a time lapse option.
  9. ashercollins

    Skate Perception Filmer Directory

    SP Name:ashercollins Name: Asher Collins Country:USA State or province:NY City: Mamaroneck, NY Setup:VX2000 Opteka Companies affiliated with: NYSB Email address: ashercskates@aol.com Phone Number: 9148154046 Website:youtube.com/newyorkskateboarding or facebook.com/NYSBmedia