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  1. what's up with your website?

    I'd almost look at mine as an example of what not to do. It really needs starting again.
  2. what's up with your website?

    I really like the layout on the first example! I have one because I needed to make one for uni. It's just a Wordpress with some minor alterations (I had to copy and paste the code, I really need to learn how to code!) and as such is quite cookie cutter. I also have a real hard time writing about myself in that context so the bio on the home page is awful and the blog section might as well not be there. Basically, it's a bit of a mess and needs an overhaul but HERE IT IS
  3. 2018 Resolutions Thread

    I slammed bombing a hill two days ago with my dslr in a regular backpack. Long story short, 2018 is the year I go full analogue. It's something I used to think about doing a lot, guess I don’t have a choice now. Hyped on it though! I really want to put more effort into photography in general this year too, I've all but stopped shooting anything but skate stuff lately.
  4. Back Heel Kicker To Road

    Yeah I agree, it bugs me a little that he's positioned pretty much half way up the frame, would've been good remove some clutter and make the trick look a little bigger too. Thanks for the feedback man!
  5. Back Heel Kicker To Road

    Christian Watts-Backside Heelflip by Danny Parker, on Flickr EMBIGGEN One from the break, please tear it apart!
  6. I still have the the Bronica etrsi and fisheye that I bought from you. It still gets used.
  7. The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    I think it’s in the old thread but @danny.j.parker
  8. Finished uni, also started a mag, broken my foot twice, moved to Spain. I've missed how much this site got me hyped on photography!
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    This.... It’s good to be back!
  10. Sp Photodude's Instagrams

  11. Fs Wallride

    Thanks dudes! I appreciate the comments. This was a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye, 2 godox AD-360's and my old Canon 550d (Rebel T2i) that I'll get round to upgrading one day.
  12. Fs Wallride

    Eddie Belvedere-Frontside Wallride by Danny Parker, on Flickr Eddie Belvedere-Frontside Wallride LARGE Crit always welcome. Cheers
  13. Random Photo Discussion

    Rodinal keeps for ages and with the high dilutions it'll last you a really long time. I always found that I liked it better with slower speed films though. Diluted 1:50 with Acros 100 was my favourite combination. I still had some nice results with Tri-x and HP5 but I found that the agitation needs to be very gentle and the temperature kept a few degrees below 20 (celcius) otherwise the grain gets kinda out of control.
  14. A Boneless And An Ollie

    Thanks for all the comments, I appreciate the crit! That grass always bugged me as well. I did try cropping it but I just didn't like it. It seemed to make the cliff face too small so I just kind of accepted it. You're right, it is a little dark. I edited it with the intent of making it look a bit bleak but it could definitely do with a brighter sky. No snow there though, that's just what some of the rougher ground looks like here. Cheers
  15. A Boneless And An Ollie

    A couple from my zine... Jake Sparham-FS Boneless by Danny Parker, on Flickr Jake Sparham-FS Boneless LARGE Christian Watts-Ollie by Danny Parker, on Flickr Christian Watts-Ollie LARGE Pretty keen to get some crit on these... Cheers