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  1. harrymills27

    Something Doesn't Seem Right Here On Ebay

    If anybody asks to "send" it to some random country for a present or something dont accept. Also if you ever get an email from a fake paypal account saying that once you email them the shipping numbers the money will end up in your account its a scam
  2. harrymills27

    Sale Thread For Stephen Oliveira

    ill buy the cap cam for $40 plus i pay for shipping to australia?
  3. harrymills27

    Vx1000 Mk1 + Accessories

    split cap cam and/or 1 to 2 batteries?
  4. harrymills27

    Fs: Vx1000 Ribbon Cable

    i know its lat ebut still have this?
  5. harrymills27

    Sale Thread

    would u be able to ship the cap cam to aus?
  6. harrymills27

    Tail Block

    this is sweet, its sort of an unusual trick isnt it? haha its a hard shot to take considering the light
  7. harrymills27

    Illusive Premiere Promo

    looks sweet man
  8. harrymills27

    Sale Thread For Emericareaper2!

    volcom for $10 ?? i live in australia and ill pay for shipping? PM ME
  9. harrymills27

    Sale Thread For Dwilliamson712

    ill give you 15 for the reversible vans button up? i live in australia but im willing to pay for shipping. PM me!
  10. harrymills27

    Sale Thread

    Hey iminterested in one of those tops or something else but i live in aus is that ok?
  11. harrymills27


    I need one also. PM me aswell!
  12. harrymills27

    Switch Ollie

    Yeah no shit, what i meant was its not necessarily better to have a photo all colorful and edited. Having it in black and white makes it looks grim and old fashioned
  13. harrymills27

    2 Park Montages

    sooooo sick
  14. harrymills27

    Homies Montage

    Sooo sick man im loving it. Song sounds familiar is it like a cover?