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  1. How To 4:3 Hd?

    Hi guys, i know that some one posted a similar topic, but they actually didnt say how, there is this filmer named James Cruickshank, who films for grey skate mag, that films with apparently a full frame dslr with the canon 8-15 fish, and crops it 4:3 HD, i guess he crops it in post, but i cant figure out if its fake vig or if its real, i personally asked him but he didnt answer, so i guess ill ask u guys, ive got my 8-15 on its way so thats why i didnt try it myself, but, im so hyped that i cant even wait lol, here is an example...
  2. Which Handle?

    Hey so im getting a 6d apparently, and i want to get rid of my opteka x grip and dive into something more professional, i referred to the ''handle hungry'' topic but links are down or its just messy... I love the eazy handle v2, but its like 230 bucks, and my budget is around 100-150... I want something like the eazyhandle style if you know what i mean
  3. Best Dslr? Dslr Vs Hd Camcorder

    if you guys notice, the guy who started this topic who's name is cruickshank, i think he is James Cruickshank, which now filmed the 4:3 grey skate mag videos... its funny to see him two years ago asking this, and now watching his vids which are actually really good
  4. The D-slr Netjiot.

    whatt??? I recently ordered the v2, and then received an email from them saying something like ''hey, thanks for your purchase, your among the last of buying the v2, hope it serves you well'' and i was like, oh ok, maybe they are releasing the v3.... but now i go into their website and it doesnt appear anymore...
  5. Which Long Lens?

    hey man, you know we are both miguel fans lol, i just messaged him a few months back, he told me he uses a 6d with the 24-105 in his videos, and the 8-15 fish... he just got the a7sii body 3 weeks ago, but those videos, like, search the horizon, bunkers down, and sucius hd were filmed with 24-105 and 6d... that lens has IS and constant aperture, i just ordered my 6d with that lens as a bundle, cant wait
  6. What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    Canon 6D + Rode Videomic PRO + Eazyhandle V2 + 24-105 f4 And im saving up for the Canon 8-15 fish right now, so hyped
  7. Which Handle?

    yeah, you are right, but its true that the go has a lot background noise, and not that ''bass'' sound, im thinking of maybe spending about 60 bucks more and buy a PRO used... Because i know it is worth it, and it will be probably my mike forever haha ps: i already ordered my 6d with the 24-105, eazy handle v2, and now ill order the pro used, cant wait for stuff to arrive, so hyped, but now i just need to sell some stuff, and save so i can get the canon 8-15 fish asap
  8. Which Handle?

    i dont have $$ for the PRO, so, should i go for the takstar or the GO?
  9. Which Handle?

    the takstar sgc 598 is a 40 dollar mic that is really good actually for its price, i just sold mine so i could save for my 6d, there are lot of comparisons between the takstar and the videomic PRO, but there is none versus the GO... But i think i might go for the GO, lol
  10. Which Handle?

    yeah its just for skateboarding, should i go for the rode GO or the takstar 598?
  11. Which Handle?

    I have seen the SE but i think ill ask for some extra cash and get the v2, it seems like is really worth it hmmm, and quick question, does someone have the rode videomic GO? Is it worth it? Cuz videomic pro seems kinda expensive
  12. Which Camera Should I Go For?

    Hey guys, so im actually selling my t3i setup, and im aiming for a full frame with the canon 8-15mm fish, and the 24-105 lens, i was thinking of getting the 6d, orrrr the 5d mk2, which one do you think i should get? and why? thanks
  13. Which Camera Should I Go For?

    hmmm, i dont really need more than 720/60p, but yeah, i want the 60 frames, so you leave me thinking bout the 6d vs the a7s edit: nevermind, i just saw the a7s price tag and its too high for me, i was looking for something like 1000-1200, so... should i get the 6d? I know that search the horizon from habitat, and bunkers down from aworkshop has been filmed with the 6d and it looks really good actually
  14. Buffer Light Blinkin?

    Hi guys, i recently posted about the movie has stopped recording message that appeared on my camera, i had the ultra 30mbps card, i just bought the extreme pro sandisk from bh photo, 95mbps, when i hit record the buffer light blinks every second, it doesnt stop, and the ''buffer bar level'' doesnt show up, i just want to know if when i get out and film it will start stopping again, like, is it normal that buffer light blinks while recording? it exactly blinks every second... Thanks ps: i got at t3i/600d
  15. Miguel Valle Color Correction?

    Hi, i know ive posted something similar to this, but its killing me, i just cant get my color grading to look even similar to what i like, does anyone have any recommendation on which settings i should adjust to kinda achieve this look right here? Ill post this video as an example, but any Miguel Valle video will look similar... I just know that he uses Filmconvert, which i have installed... Any tip? Thanks
  16. Miguel Valle Color Correction?

    im using premiere with filmconvert pro
  17. Miguel Valle Color Correction?

    if someone wants i could send you a clip and you can try to emulate the color grading, lol, because i keep trying and i cant
  18. Miguel Valle Color Correction?

    thanks thats a good tip!
  19. Miguel Valle Color Correction?

    easy as that? hmmm it seems more complicated to me, color correction maybe, lower saturation maybe?
  20. Miguel Valle Color Correction?

    i know, but u know when u watch something with the exact style u would like to have haha, it really fits my expectations, thats why, but i dont really want to copy it, i just want to find the right path into it, and experiment with it
  21. Film Convert Settings

    Hi, i have film convert installed and i really like it, does anyone have some tips or settings which i should use? i know its all personal preference, but i just wanted to know from someone who really handles the plugin... i really like the style of miguel valle (mark suciu/habitat) filmer... i like his colors and settings but ive never got close to his looks haha
  22. Film Convert Settings

    the look im trying to get to is this video... for example, the joey guevara part... if anyone knows how to point me in the right direction ill be thankful, like what settings should i adjust, contrast ? saturation? and if someone uses film convert, which camera profile and film i should try, thanks!
  23. Film Convert Settings

    sure let me know of anything, thank you! edit: maaaan, i just watched bunker down, those colors are just perfect..... and is that a 6d? withhhh what fisheye? ahahah nice setupppp
  24. Film Convert Settings

    i talked to him and even added him on facebook, couple of months ago, seems like a cool guy, he told me he used filmconvert, and i asked some other stuff but i didnt ask for his settings hahahah, at least i know he uses film convert, hahaha
  25. ''autoshutter Setting?''

    Hi guys, i was wondering if there is some way to disable the autoshut thing when filming video, i dont know how to call it, i mean, when you leave your cam without recording for like 10 seconds and the shutter closes automatically, and you have to hit the live view button again... that thing, is there anyway to disable that feature? Thanks