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  1. Colin_stanley

    California 2014

    I usually just turn color and sharpness up all the way then adjust the rest based on the setting and what not
  2. Colin_stanley

    California 2014

    what about them?
  3. Colin_stanley

    California 2014

    just a little video with the clips me and some friends got in LA while on spring break the other week. filmed and edited by Colin Stanley additional filming by Luke Murphy
  4. a little 13 minute, mostly vx, street video I've been working on for the past year or two filmed and edited by Colin Stanley
  5. Colin_stanley

    Short Modern Video

    after effects
  6. Colin_stanley

    Short Modern Video

    quick little park video filmed and edited by Colin Stanley (vx1000/mk1)
  7. Colin_stanley

    Park Montage - "unsatisfied"

    Yeah I know its a little under exposed but those parks are really dark and I don't want the footage to get too grainy but thanks for the feedback
  8. its been snowing a lot so we've been skating parks a lot. filmed and edited by Colin Stanley (vx1000/mk1)
  9. Colin_stanley

    4 Vx1/mk1 Clips At Mcdowell Park

    on the second line I couldn't have gotten any closer because there were two little kids who were crossing between me and joey so it was hard to even get the trick in the shot, but otherwise thanks for the feedback and I will try to get closer. I've been switching off between this and a t4i/peleng setup so sometimes that kinda messes with my head and I get too close with the dslr and too far with the vx.
  10. got a few clips with my friend Joey when I was on vacation in Az last week
  11. Colin_stanley

    R.i.p South Street

    my local skatepark closed for good last wednesday, these are all the clips we got in the last few weeks, mostly from the last day. filmed and edited by Colin Stanley (t4i/peleng/rode) additional filming by Paul Gielow
  12. just a little park video with footage from the past month or so filmed and edited by Colin Stanley (Vx1000/Mk1 and Canon XhA1)
  13. just a little park video i filmed over two days filmed and edited by Colin Stanley (canon t4i/pelen 8mm/rode videomic) this was all filmed without a handle and I'm still kinda getting used to the dslr fisheye
  14. Colin_stanley

    Spitfire Formula Four

    just buy bones
  15. Colin_stanley


    just testing out my new hd setup. filmed and edited by Colin Stanley, (Canon T4i/Peleng 8mm/Rode Videomic/Opteka Ex-Grip Pro)