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  1. jtmcgee16

    Capture Options

    i haven't heard any for windows, but i use a thunderbolt adapter for my capturing and it works fine
  2. jtmcgee16


  3. jtmcgee16

    Capture Options

    do you have a newer mac that has a thunderbolt port or just one that doesn't have it at all?
  4. does anybody here do it as there job, I'm very interested in this work as i love to make videos and would like to continue to do so. Do you have any tips for a beginner on how to get started and what to expect?
  5. jtmcgee16

    Aight Yall Your Boi Is Back

    wheres the new sp page at??
  6. jtmcgee16

    Film Burn In 2016

    i see film burns every now and again but not like they used to be
  7. jtmcgee16

    Lil Chicago Edit Vx

    forsure im gunna try and film more roll to make it flow better, Thank You!
  8. Had a warm day out here, decided to make a lil video c&c Welcomed
  9. jtmcgee16

    Road Trip Montage

    very cool video, dogged the mountain B-roll as well
  10. Most of everything in really good condition message me if your interested or want pics or prices
  11. Mac's are very expensive and i want to wait till the 2016 model comes out and that won't be until spring but just looking at the specs i want in there I'm looking at almost 2200$ with the warranty is it worth it, (also i have a mac desktop and i love it its just really old and the specs aren't that great plus i need a laptop because I'm always on the go)
  12. jtmcgee16

    New In Chicago

    hey welcome to illinois, a good skatepark to skate at in chicago would be grant that just opened up its a huge plaza right near the loop, and theres a bunch of spots in the loop area and around urban Chicago
  13. yeah this world is pretty messed up especially with all of isis going on now