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  1. HamBobet


    Nice lighting! FYI a feeble on tranny is always to fakie otherwise it's called a 'grapefruit' (something I heard from an old vert skater).
  2. HamBobet


    rad! You've got some seriously photogenic spots!
  3. HamBobet

    Fs Wallride

    Real rad Danny!
  4. HamBobet

    Front Rock/early Grab

    I disagree - I think it works perfectly in leading the eye and giving height to the bank. The skater's clear and so is the crusty run up so good job!
  5. HamBobet

    Bw Boneless In Mine

    Really rad spot - I'd personally like to see the boneless timed a little earlier with more leg extension, and maybe a bit more of the bottom (just looks a bit cut off) - otherwise seriously great framing and tones!
  6. HamBobet

    Bump To Bar

    yeah - motion blur dude!
  7. HamBobet

    Fs 5-0 & Bs Boardslide

    love that second one!
  8. HamBobet

    Don't Mess With Texas

    Dave Adlington - Texas plant on a crusty 80's ramp in South West England...
  9. HamBobet

    Fatty 5050's

    that second one's sick! Love to see it timed with him just popping out/about to pop out though. Otherwise parfait!
  10. HamBobet

    Florecast Issue 4

    Hi guys - sorry prob gonna get called out for posting in the wrong place, but we all look here really! If anyone shoots film and wants to get involved in the zine I do then get in touch: info@florecast.co.uk - looking to get everything together by end of September for October print. Can't offer much in return for running pics as it's pretty much completely self funded - but I'll post you a copy, stickers and a print from the launch exhibition... Slightly more info on the mag at florecast.co.uk Cheers!!!
  11. HamBobet

    Nighttime Tricks @ The Museum

    I reckon the bonus 180 is the best of the bunch - post it up!
  12. HamBobet

    Backside Three Hundred And Sixty Degree Ollie

    so rad - you can definitely tell the trick and super job in isolating him around all that junk!
  13. HamBobet

    Pole Jam

    fair enough - I kinda prefer the timing of when they're launching out/leveled out...as you can still tell what's going on and the body position looked better, but each to their own I guess? Cheers tho!
  14. HamBobet

    Pole Jam

    Quick mess around jam session last night - simple trick but was quite happy with the pic...
  15. HamBobet

    Korahn Gayle - Switch Hardflip

    best supermarket - I mean, yeah the kicker's pretty good... I think this is rad - but yeah, clone out the filmer if poss.