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  1. I'm looking to further my slaved setup. I have two cheap Neweer brand flashes and some crappy triggers/recievers off Amazon. I want to step up my work. I've found an alien bee I want but what exactly do i need to get it to wirelessly sync (slave) to my canon dslr?
  2. 6TXL9

    Making Vignette

    I'm sure it's bayo, if you could research for me that'd be cool
  3. 6TXL9

    Making Vignette

    If I have a GL2 with an opteka lens that has no vig, how can I make it? I hate 4:3 without vig. Is there a bayo spacer?
  4. 6TXL9

    Looking For

    either a vx or a gl2. I want a gl2 because less repairs but do VX's really have a ton of malfunctions? I want the vx mainly for the look of the vignette for fishy lenses but how can I get the vig on a gl2 to any fisheye
  5. 6TXL9

    New Vx100 Video

    Everything was good but some framing and some shaky clips, cheers tho!
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVrjkxidP3I&feature=g-upl
  7. Honestly thank you for real help. A ton of bmx films are cinema bullshit with pretty DSLRs and tracks and glidecams (i have one) but I just love to film fisheye lines and long lens, simple yet fun if you do it right. I'm going to come to this site for every video I'm serious about, I wan't to perfect everything
  8. I wasn't being super serious when I was picking the song. If you could suggest a shit load of artist for edits, that'd be sweet! Skate style from what i heard is how you use the fisheye, because everyone in bmx sucks ass at filming so a few look towards the skate side of filming and say skate style
  9. I just like this kind of filming
  10. and I film on a skateboard
  11. The way with the fisheye is called skate style, I was told
  12. 6TXL9

    Vx1000Mk1 Park

    Sick stuff!
  13. Hi guys, I know it's bmx, but this is the best forum out of bmx and skating for video discussion. I'd like feedback or just being told I suck