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    Who has a "job" that's filming?

    A wild Doyle appears.
  2. TuneBomb

    Who has a "job" that's filming?

    I make money making videos but it's not my primary means of making money. I actually don't like doing it so I only tend to work with a few clients who seek me out occasionally. I wouldn't be making any of the money I make these days if it weren't for the fact that I taught myself to shoot/edit which extended my capabilities on a computer, which is how I make all my money (being able to use a Mac and Apple software gud).
  3. TuneBomb

    vx1000 footage upscale to 720p

    My workflow is to work native SD, export native, and then compress in Handbrake at 720. I make videos over a longer timeline and may not be doing things right, but that's my approach.
  4. TuneBomb

    Random Photo Discussion

    This is the new rpd. 42000 post threads slow the site down.
  5. TuneBomb

    Random Photo Discussion

    Sup homie, I had a job for the last few months and SP was blocked at work, even though I had rights to unblock it I didn't, not sure why. Anyway I'mma poke my head around here some more this fall/winter.
  6. TuneBomb

    Scanner for 35mm

    Get on that Better Scanning glass and you can rock out with the 5 frame sleeves. Also 5 frame sleeves can be contact scanned, which I think is the best bet for scanning film unless you are printing a single image. - http://betterscanning.com Yes sir I love those pieces of glass I never use because I never scan. One day tho! My rec for a scanner is the v700.
  7. TuneBomb

    Post Your Setup!

    So here's the deal, we are gonna have the post your setup thread follow similar rules as the photo heads have for theirs. Unless you are posting pictures of your setup... DO NOT POST. If you have questions, ask them in the discussion thread, or via PM. Pictures that are bigger than 800px along their longest side will be deleted on sight.
  8. Just in case you guys forgot.
  9. TuneBomb

    Filmer Backpacks

    Back in the day I had a Lowepro Nature Trekker 2 AW. When I got into filming again I got another one, but the first version.
  10. TuneBomb

    In Depth: Cloud Storage for Photographers and Filmers

    If you are gonna pay a lot for something like this I feel paying for a host (Hostgator offers unlimited storage and bandwidth on a lot of plans) might be just as worth while. Personally I don't bother with this cause I have shit home internet, and I don't have any of my drives stored offsite yet, but it's definitely something I think about doing once or twice a year (offsite storage of backup drives).
  11. TuneBomb

    2018 Resolutions Thread

    Dev film again is the only goal I hope to get to. Shoot/film/edit and skate more too.
  12. It's fine for me to do changes too right?
  13. I just read this now and holy frig. Gnar. I haven't needed advice but I feel like photo has been a big struggle for me for the last 5 years. Ever since it got hard to get film processed locally, and I started living on as little money as possible I've been frustrated. What I have realized is that for me, making images is enough and I don't have to see them, also I'm jamming a Dadw800 which I mostly hate but the images are nice so I deal. So I see pictures I take, but I don't see pictures I take.
  14. Dude no they shut the network down. Thing still works though! I don't have data so your texts are going to an iMessage account I won't log into. It's actually really annoying not paying for data cause phones half need it. Current phone is an iPhone 4, I'll use it till they shut the network down I bet.
  15. TuneBomb

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    I added mine to your post Anthony: http://instagram.com/salmonskate/
  16. I was made into a sticker I bought more VX1000's I gave lots of cameras away I have too much shot film in my freezer I raise chickens I bought processing chemistry again I almost only use Micro Nikkor lenses now I let the tunebomb domain registration lapse
  17. TuneBomb

    Random Photo Discussion

    Museum of Modern Art, Training Facility, American Centre of Photography
  18. TuneBomb

    Random Photo Discussion

    The photos are probably still in the basement. Sorry I should have orange texted that last one. And I actually just found that out Mike, also, it's unlikely he lived in a house as that doesn't seem common in NYC.
  19. TuneBomb

    Random Photo Discussion

    moma, leica gallery (compulsory), TF (obvs), ACP across form Bryant Square Park, John Kim's basement.
  20. TuneBomb

    Random Photo Discussion

  21. TuneBomb

    Random Photo Discussion

    good show.