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  1. antonreifsteck

    Mic Decision

    Hey everyone, I have a Panasonic HMC40 and I'm looking for a good quality mic for reasonably cheap. Just wondering what the best value would be! Help is much appreciated!
  2. antonreifsteck

    Hmc40 52mm Opteka

    do you guys think i should get 52mm or 58mm? Does it matter?
  3. antonreifsteck

    Opteka (High Definition)2 Lens

    Dosent that get pretty bad vig though??
  4. antonreifsteck

    Opteka (High Definition)2 Lens

    Hey so I just got an HMC40 and Im gonna get the Opteka Titanium Series fish. I saw that the 43mm lens didnt say anything about (HD)2 and is much less expensive than the 58mm which talks about HD2 and seems like a nicer lens. Since the HMC40 has a 43mm mount at first I thought I should get the 43mm but now I am wondering if it would be better to get a step up ring and use the 58mm?