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  1. mattandersen

    Trouble Makers

    Bunch of footage from the past couple of months Look out for the Homebase Skateshop video in the last week of may
  2. How can you clean your vx heads if the vtr mode doesnt work?
  3. after i finished filming a clip the timecode would set back to --:-- and my friend said his did that but its fine. but i was capturing and i got to the tape that it did that on and theres no footage on the tape. anybody know anything bout that? or had that problem?
  4. just sum bros sk8n the ZA
  5. mattandersen

    Did Sony Discontinue Mini Dv Tapes?

    Glad to hear that they'll be around for another 10 years hahah. Long live the VX1000!
  6. mattandersen

    Did Sony Discontinue Mini Dv Tapes?

    Did Sony really discontinue sony premiums? Anbody know?
  7. my vx just started having sound glitches but the audio doesnt completely drop out, it just makes a weird crinkly noise behind the actual audio. PLEASE HELP
  8. mattandersen

    Gravity Hammers

  9. will you do $550 shipped? i really need a vx and couldnt find any good ones til now