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  1. MovementMovement1

    Any Photographers On Tumblr?

  2. MovementMovement1

    Sp Photodude's Instagrams

    @west_turning @mutual_friend @tuesday_gallery
  3. MovementMovement1


  4. MovementMovement1


  5. MovementMovement1

    Tko Bys

    Yeah that's not stock footage. I made all the animations.
  6. MovementMovement1

    Tko Bys

    Short edit - filmed in a few days in Ecuador - t2i/peleng
  7. MovementMovement1

    Christmas 2k13

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBXfhXIpHfs Made this edit a few days ago. I spent Christmas and December as a whole living in another country. I honestly hate HD a little bit but I didn't think traveling with my VX would be a good idea.
  8. MovementMovement1

    Style Vs. Skill

    I wouldn't say Heath has anything amazingly different about his style than Nyjah's. But I know what you mean. Skill as in general ability to skate with experience. It's not really how you define skill cause there's not that many ways to define it, but it all kind of fits together in some way: skill, style, ability, experience, technique, tricks, etc.
  9. MovementMovement1

    Style Vs. Skill

    I find that most people are so confused on this whole matter, but tbh there's a fine line between style and plastic-ism. I think everyone has style, there's just a side of style that leans to creativity and another side that leads to looking like a robot. This being such a cliche topic amongst lowkey underground skateboarders, I don't want to sound like a Rieder, but there's people that look great while they skate and then there's people that bore me to death. A lot of factors play into having great skateboarding style and as contradictory as this makes the post sound, *skill* is probably the biggest one. You can't have a great, enjoyable and creative style without oozing tons of skill. But with that being said I think any skater that has skill and a large trick book can have good style. I think a lot of posterboy energy drink marketeer skaters just choose to purposely skate like robots. Which is so sad. I think having that level of creative / intellect / art form skating also requires a pretty high level of intelligence. I mean when it all is said and done skating is way more of an art form than most of the things on earth today and we all know great artists were pretty intelligent (deep down). I'm really in love with the way underground skating is moving right now. All these great skaters with great styles, portraying amazing creativity and real street power it just makes me so happy to be a skateboarder right now. I'm glad someone posted a Magenta video and even that Power's vid. Style is great, skill is great and skateboarding is the best man.
  10. Just got this lens. So pleased. Filmed in about 3 days http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOqwOpTqvsA&feature=gp-n-y
  11. MovementMovement1

    The Worst Video Ever Made (also The Best)

    sweg this vapor is bomb
  12. MovementMovement1

    Park Clip

    This is super Jimmy.
  13. MovementMovement1

    Vx1000mk1 - Moodus Skatepark Shredding

    killed it! and that song is bump
  14. MovementMovement1

    Throwaway Footage.

    That doesn't mean I don't put as much effort into any part of it. I just didn't want to use the clips in something else.