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  1. does your camera not have a bayo
  2. Footage? What do you space it out with?
  3. I have the hpx mk2 setup. Like doyle said it has SD 4:3. Using the fisheye with that setting though it rather useless cuz its no where near as wide as a vx/mk1 or dvx/mk2 etc, theres no vig and it looks weird. I film HD and don't chop heads at all usually, you just can't get as close obviously. For things like a single handrail trick it can look good but for things like lines it will never compare to filming in 4:3. Heres a vid I made with it. I don't why people don't go after the HD 4:3 vx look like in this video. Its so ideal imo. That vids filmed with a RED setup I think but I know people on here have DSLR setups that have very similar looking footage. Wish there was a simple camcorder solution to get this look. Sony Panasonic get on that shit.
  4. cameron2g

    Thoughts About Nike Sb?

    http://www.jenkemmag.com/home/2013/07/16/the-marc-johnson-interview/ Marc pointed out the same problems with Nike three years ago "Big Company has a policy where if a skateshop wants to carry that ONE shoe that everyone wants, the skateshop is forced to carry ALL of their shoes. FORCED to carry all of their shoes. When those shoes don’t sell, the skateshop goes into debt and that debt gets bigger and bigger until the skateshop goes out of business. Your local shop owes Big Company a lot of money and must continue to sell the popular shoe just to pay their bills, and then they go even deeper into debt because the other Big Company shoes don’t sell at all. No one wants them. But skateshop is forced to carry those shoes too in order to be able to sell the one popular shoe. And now, skateshop doesn’t even have a choice about what they order. Shoes just randomly show up at the shop, and now skateshop owes Big Company money for product they didn’t even order. Who the fuck does that to a skateshop???? Obviously someone who doesn’t care about the skateshops, skateboarding or skateboarders. It’s terrible. Skateboarding footwear brands don’t do that shit to skateshops. Skate Footwear brands let the shops decide what shoes they want to carry. Skate Footwear company doesn’t force skateshops to do anything they don’t want to do, or strong-arm them into a debt-slavery relationship."
  5. cameron2g

    Getting Hvx P2 Footy Onto A Mac?

    usb lol
  6. cameron2g

    New In Chicago

    i skated wit jtmcgee16 he can bennett grind
  7. cameron2g

    New In Chicago

    u need gas hmu
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    sick af i fuk wit dis hard !!!! god damn that was sick lol your editing is on point
  9. cameron2g

    Not Tony Hawk 5.

    why tf are you asking this garbage