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  1. noahlikestofilm

    Wtb: Desktop Computer

    Need a nice windows desktop to edit on. Need it to run Sony Vegas and Adobe after effects. preferably with a firewire already. Message me on here or text me 7249719795
  2. noahlikestofilm

    Vx 2100 W/ Mod Mk1 Set Sale

    Is this still for sale
  3. noahlikestofilm

    Ugly Premiere Promo

    sick edit man. did he smack his head at the end?
  4. noahlikestofilm

    Wtb: Editing Computer Or Laptop

    LOOKING FOR ANYTHING, preferably a windows computer. good enough to run sony vegas and adobe after effects on. need really soon!! text me with details and offers, 7249719795
  5. noahlikestofilm

    Fs: T3i Setup

    Text me about this man very interested 7249719795
  6. noahlikestofilm

    Get Turtle Promo (arizona Vx1k Video)

    tight af man was that jeff stevens doing the fs willy
  7. noahlikestofilm

    Broken Vx1000

    ill sell the cap and hood for 35 text me
  8. noahlikestofilm

    Broken Vx1000

    Come on ppl
  9. noahlikestofilm

    Broken Vx1000

    I have a vx1000 that was mint everythingworked perfectly untill I fell filming and the power supply got knocked loose. I want to sell for 200 or best offer. these cameras are at least 500 new and working the problem might be up to a 100 dollar fix. but thats 100 bucks I dont have. text me for pic at 7246148317 comes with case batteries lens hood and charger
  10. noahlikestofilm

    I Need A Vx1

    if you still need one text me ill sell for cheap 7246148317
  11. noahlikestofilm

    Wtb: Vx Lens Hood / Cap And Mk1 Lens Caps

    text me 7246148317
  12. noahlikestofilm

    Wtb Vx1mk1

    gotta vx1k ill sell you for really cheap text me @ 7246148317
  13. noahlikestofilm

    Wtb: Vx1 Mk1 Setup

    got a vx ill sell for 200 text me 7246148317
  14. noahlikestofilm

    Better On Bolts Promo 3

    thank you everyone and we are from a small town near pittsburgh pa ahah
  15. noahlikestofilm

    Is "noahlikestofilm" Legit?

    i only did one deal on here fuck off how am i supossed to know if i can trust random ass people.