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  1. anthonymast3rson

    Stylus Epic

    I dig all of them. What film was this?
  2. anthonymast3rson

    Working the line.

    everyone loves working brunch.
  3. anthonymast3rson

    Bridge of the Gods

    No sir, just a 35mm.
  4. anthonymast3rson

    Bridge of the Gods

    Just testing out the new camera and lens.
  5. anthonymast3rson

    Trips coming up?

    I might be going to Alaska at the end of September. Anyone have any advice? I'm thinking about shooting a doc about it.
  6. anthonymast3rson

    Snow & Florida

    I didn't get any shots outside unfortunately. I took the first shot on my way to the airport, and all the snow had melted by the time I got back. I went back to my school to talk to the magnet program about working toward what you want out of high school (I'm a photojournalist) vs. going to college. I moved because my girlfriend at the time was moving there for school, and I really don't like Florida. I wanted to live somewhere with seasons. I also didn't have the greatest upbringing in Miami, and I don't like alot of that state. No one knows how to drive, the food (other than Cuban) is terrible, and there is absolutely nothing to do. Plus the people are awful and racist and I just didn't want to be around that shit anymore.
  7. anthonymast3rson

    Snow & Florida

    First, just a shot of some snowfall in Portland Second, and third, I went back to my high school, because I was asked to speak to the students there, and these were some shots from a rally they held to commemorate those lost in the MSD shooting.
  8. anthonymast3rson

    Jared's Last Day

    Bar Manager let the restaurant last night, so we all got drunk and shot pool.
  9. anthonymast3rson

    Hoodrat Shit

    X-pro1, 18mm
  10. anthonymast3rson

    Fuji X-pro2 w/ Glasses

    Has anyone used the Xpro-2 with glasses? Does it affect usage?
  11. anthonymast3rson


    One and three are sick, two just isn’t for me.
  12. anthonymast3rson

    I missed you guys.

    Stoked this site is back up.
  13. anthonymast3rson

    Florida 35mm

    Took a trip down to Florida over the holidays and only brought one roll with me. Bonus Bonus 2 (Back In Oregon)
  14. anthonymast3rson

    Nose Manual

  15. anthonymast3rson

    Raven Tershy Ollie Over Channel

    This is perfect.