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  1. Who Wants A Site Done For Cheap?

  2. I Need Some Questions Answered!

    pinned topic at the top... and another one
  3. Redesigned Portfolio

    sup yall haven't made a site in a good 2 years but i'm in college now and in need of money so i figured a good place to start was to redesign my portfolio site i've had for a while it's not completely finished yet but check it thoughts? suggestions?
  4. I Need Some Questions Answered!

    first make the layout in PS. it helps to name layers and use folders in the psd. then try to recreate it in html and css. try to minimize the number of slices you use from the psd. the more you have the longer it'll take to load and if you don't code it right the greater chance of it misaligning on other browsers
  5. Get 'em

    blaze 2, get at me in the mornin peeaccee
  6. My Very Own Dot Com

    i like the simplicity of it but i'd change a couple things. move the peace of mind, etc. to the left column so the nav is at the top in the middle. also, I'd make the nav and other links on the right fixed, so only the middle region ends up being scrollable. maybe change the full boxes around the nav to thick bottom borders and see if you like it better. make it so when they're hovered it makes it darker black or somethin and whats up with the weird page id #s?
  7. I'm in need of some money so who wants a site done for cheap? I know HTML, CSS, and some PHP and Javascript lemme know plz
  8. Need To Know If This Is Working.

    make sure your index file and directories are chmodded to atleast 644
  9. Help With Some Simple Coding

    for your file path, start with the subfolder if there is one. don't type out the whole string. if the image is in a folder called images, you'd put photos[0]="images/photo1.jpg" the folder images would have to be in the same root folder as the page you're using the code in.
  10. Website Layout Tutorial

    in your css, change body {background: file:///F:/Next%20Day%20Air/IMAGES/background.jpg;} to [code]body {background-image: url('images/background.jpg');}[/code] and upload your bg image to a folder called images in your root folder. for the center problem, you have an extra </div> in your code after the nav div. take one out and you're set
  11. Clothes!

    get in line
  12. Clothes!

    if the girl shirt or matix sweater fall through, i'll pick em up
  13. Wtb: Sweatshirts And Shirts

  14. Sale!

    how much for the navy lakai shirt
  15. Wtb: Sweatshirts And Shirts