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  1. How To 4:3 Hd?

    i see, im probably wrong then. I just assumed that they used a canon 8-15, which definitely has a soft vig due to the large sensors on these cameras. If thats the case then that nikon fisheye is very impressive if it can hold such sharp and perfect vig. Definitely from that new balance $$
  2. How To 4:3 Hd?

    I'm pretty sure that vx4000 video, as well as that rb umali clip are both using vig overlays, its way too sharp to be natural.
  3. Flipkick

    its sick dox. yeah you could probably clone out the car with some effort but its not that bad. maybe have rotated the camera slightly to the right? obviously lighter clothes would have been ideal but the dark clothes maybe presented an opportunity for harsher/more rim lighting if that was possible?
  4. 50 up and over, fs slide, bs crooks

    First and last go. 2nd one would be cooler if it was an ollie or kickflip or somethin but the lighting is good. For the crook maybe you could have blurred the foreground a lil more or just had it fully in focus, would be nice also if you could see the runup a little more, and also the boards/bin in the background coulda been moved.
  5. Sk8Trix

    love the smith of course, sw crook lighting goes hard too.
  6. Welcome Back Everybody.

    that no comply was my wallpaper for a little bit. so good
  7. Frontside Noseslide Selfie

    Thank you. Must admit it was very pre planned haha.
  8. switch crook & 180 nosegrind

    Dodging/burning seems a little obvious on the second, and also I see what you're going for but it just seems a bit unbalanced imo. First one fuckin goes hard
  9. Crook, Kickflip, Lip

    oooh oops i thought it was like a 50 ma bad. maybe go a bit further and shoot landscape? idk, already looks super sick, i like how its just the stairs in the frame in this one but something with more environment coudl work too.
  10. Crook, Kickflip, Lip

    Solid uce, maybe whip out the 85mm 1.8 and go from across the road. The dodging/burning on the crook is a bit noticeable but not that bad. Lip is textbook
  11. Source

    Second last one goes hard
  12. Frontside Noseslide Selfie

    Figured I'd post more from over the hiatus as I've had no critique for the last few years due to the site being down. This one is of myself, I set up everything and put the camera on the tripod for a homie to press the shutter button, so technically I still shot it I guess? Biggest self critique is that you can't see my face, but I wanted to frame it between the two buildings, plus there was a distracting pole right between the two buildings that this type of framing allowed me to cover. Rip it up.
  13. Back Heel Kicker To Road

    I think I saw this on my explore feed and thought it was super sick. Pops out really well from the background. I personally however would have framed him a bit higher in the frame, maybe panned down a bit more, as the poles and trees are a bit messy and it could have been nice to have more road in the bottom of the frame as foreground.
  14. How To 4:3 Hd?

    Unfortunately I don't have the Meike 6.5mm. I use the lensbaby 5.8mm, and only bought the Meike off amazon to compare, and ended up returning it as I already had the lensbaby which is a bit wider. Neither of these are usable in 16:9 mode as there is too much vig on the sides, but they're both great with 4:3 crop(the lensbaby has about as much vig cropped in 4:3 as a vx21 with an mk1, and the meike has barely any, just a tiny bit on each corner). I had a panasonic g6(2x crop) with a generic 1.5x nikon speedbooster and a manybrand fish and while I can't do a side by side comparison, I pretty sure I can get way closer with the lensbaby. I'm fairly confident that the Meike is also wider than the speedbooster manybrand combo on m43. Here is a video I filmed with my olympus and the lensbaby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cZiocZtDQ8&t=297s I would expect any m43 camera that is of a regular 2x crop(instead of a 2.3x crop for 4k or something) to look something like this if not better, as the em5ii lags behind cameras like the g7, gh3 models etc in terms of video quality. If you are torn between the Meike and the lensbaby, I would recommend buying both on amazon and returning the one you like less. The meike has a wider maximum aperture, smaller, a bit sharper and has a much nicer build quality. The lensbaby also has some flaring in the vignette but you can use just an overlay. The lensbaby is noticeably wider though, I would say that it's a similar different to the manybrand and peleng 8mm on canon dslrs, if not slightly more.
  15. Compton Rails

    The first one doesn't do much for me, angle is kinda strange for a front blunt. The second one is better and has potential, you likely could have gotten lower and closer and framed him completely in the sky. That might have gotten rid of some of the sky on the top of the frame too, seems like a bit too much dead space near the top.