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  1. TonyZ

    Some new ones

    back lip is pretty textbook, nice blur too, maybe a lil rimlight with a flash could have made him pop a bit more?
  2. TonyZ

    curb cut to motorbike

    definitely agree that the windshield is a bit distracting the way it is. I had tried from the other side, but I couldnt fit both the curb cut and bike in the frame from that angle as there was a bit of a gap (which regrettably isn't very visible from this angle either). Thanks for the feedback!
  3. TonyZ

    curb cut to motorbike

    thanks for the feedback guys. yeah the hidden-ish curb is one of the main regrets. i had two attempts, the second one you could see the curb better, but his back foot wasn't stuck to the board, you'd also be able to see the curb better here if the windscreen wasn't so dirty haha. wish i had a bit more time to get my flash settings/lighting better, but i guess it still works.
  4. TonyZ

    Ollie and Wallride w/ gels

    did not need the gels
  5. TonyZ

    Fs Nose & Fs Crook

    Nice bro both are great. Only complaint with the fs nose is the board gets a lil lost in the stripes might have worked better if you caught him sliding on the white portion of the sign as the board would stand out more, and maybe framed it just a lil to the right so that the skytower isn't in the very edge of the frame.
  6. TonyZ


    nice, first ones better
  7. TonyZ


    wonder what it would have looked like slow shutter at night? Regardless though its tight, like how the two ledges connect into an S ish shape. Amazing form too, props to the skater
  8. TonyZ

    Jump Ramp

    would have been better at dusk/night. oh well.
  9. TonyZ

    Gap Back Tail Pop Out

    still seems to be some blur, probably could have underexposed the ambient and cranked the power up to 1/4 or something probably would have been a bit better and enough to still freeze the motion. hes still a bit more centred than he could be if you just panned to the left a bit, and it would be better if he was weraing something bright, seems to get a bit lost. its good though
  10. TonyZ

    Stylus Epic

    Thanks! Something like that is still a bit too big for me. In the market for another 35mm point n shoot that hopefully focuses better though. Film is fun but not knowing if a photo is completely unusable is pretty frustrating at times.
  11. TonyZ

    land on my face

    cant really find anything wrong with this, maybe if you could have, if you shot it at a different time where the trees and stuff cast less shadows on the wall it could have been a slightly cleaner? besides that its perfect
  12. TonyZ

    Bump to Bar FS 180

    Could do with more space on the bottom and on the left. Are you working with only one flash? Only having half the bush lit up and half blacked out looks a bit sloppy, perhaps you could have readjusted the flash such that it was either completely in the dark or completely lit, looks kind of messy either way. Personally I would have slowed down my shutter speed, made sure the bush wasn't lit up by the flash, and have skater is still lit up and frozen whilst the bush is blurred out from the slow shutter speed, probably would have cleaned up the frame a lil bit and also made the shadows a little less harsh. Also, he shoulda worn lighter colours, but can't really help that haha.
  13. TonyZ

    hella film cameras

    is the mju i still available?
  14. Nope, no need to scale the footage up. My camera is 1080 60p and my sequence dimensions are 1440 x 1080 30p (essentially 1080p with the edges chopped off so the aspect ratio is 4:3). Just have to be a little careful when filming to make sure that the skater isn't on the very edge of the frame, though I've rarely had major issues and you can always adjust the frame in premiere if you did mess up. The vig on my fisheye flares quite bad so I do use an overlay, but the overlay is virtually identical in size/shape to the original vig, it's just there to mask the flaring.