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  1. 50-50 Up

    The bush or whatever is in front of you is kinda distracting and I don't like how pink this photo is. You should try shooting this fish, would love to see how that turns out.
  2. Blunt

    honestly looks like you screen capped it from a video. You need to get more of the ground where he is landing.
  3. First Fisheye Photos

    dig all of em
  4. Kickflip Le Dome, Back 1 Grass Gap, Kickflip

    First: you can get alittle lower and maybe shoot a split second later to at least show that his back foot meets the board Second: board is a bit out of focus but I dig the distortion of the buildings in the background Third: timing is good but those people are very distracting to me. Bonus: holy shit man! Love it
  5. Official Flash/strobe Thread

    Mike it would be sick to see a video of you using the flashes in the streets to see the outcome in your photos and everything.
  6. Backside 5050

    Thanks man
  7. Backside 5050

    Backside 5050 by JayLongg, on Flickr CC pls
  8. Adam Hribar - Front Crook Shuv In Philly.

    saw this on your insta a few weeks ago and literally freaked out, love everything about it man. great job!
  9. Bs 180 Nosegrind

    great comp and lighting
  10. Fs Huricane... Which One?!

    everything looks more balanced out in the 320, loving this.
  11. Flash Questions

    those are good starter flashes as well as Sb 24,26,28's and/or sunpak 555,544's you can get Pixel Opas triggers for a reasonable price also, i haven't had any trouble with mine misfiring or any of that nonsense
  12. Post Your Setup!

    1. Nikon D3 2. Nikkor 16mm 3. Nikkor AF-S 50mm 1.8 4. Lightstands x2 5. Sync cords 6. Pixel Opas Triggers x3 7. Quantum T2 qflash w/ Turbo pack 8. Sunpak 120j w/ tr-pak ii
  13. Post Your Setup (comments Only)

    Nikon D3 16mm Quantum t2 Sunpak 120j PW's
  14. Can the Lumedyne 200ws Action Pack be triggered by Pixel Opas flash triggers or am I stuck with buying Pocketwizard plus 2's
  15. Lumedyne 200ws Question

    Can the Lumedyne 200ws Action Pack be triggered by Pixel opas triggers or am I stuck with buying pocketwizard plus 2's?