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  1. Streeety

    Og Shit Vol 3

    I was heavily influenced by Baker and It's Fern as a youngin
  2. Streeety

    Og Shit Vol 3

    i like weed and skateboarding so i make videos with both of those things
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gUg91u7DGM
  4. you got that blue 5 panel still for sale? If so, can you send me a pic of it?

  5. got a blue canvas supreme 5 panel for 40
  6. Streeety

    Wtb Mk1

    got one mint, 700 firm.
  7. Streeety

    Wtb: Mk1

    got one mint for 700. firm.
  8. Streeety

    Footage Masters/ Archives

    I have almost 300 tapes, and i have 2.5 terabytes with all of those tapes backed up.
  9. Streeety

    Another Cotw

    bunch of pretty boys that can't skate
  10. Streeety

    Your Favorite Full-lengths

    It's Fern and Baker 3. Not recent, but definitely my favorites.
  11. Streeety

    Wtb Mk1

    got one
  12. Streeety

    Michigan Skateboarding

    so if i deinterlace it in streamclip it'll be straight?