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  1. Chase Boyer

    what's up with your website?

    Thank you for the feedback, the only reason I watermark in my first response galleries is to keep people from wanting to just click save and use it on their facebooks or whatever, rather than purchasing the images and allowing me to be able to afford to continue to go out and shoot those scenes..so I'm not exactly sure how I feel about ditching it completely. Maybe a smaller watermark that's more visually appealing? Maybe I need to just step out of my comfort zone from what I've always done and known to work. Yes, I pay for Smugmug. I never have really realized all the branding till you mentioned it come to think of it. I think the most appealing thing about their hosting for me really is the unlimited hosting and ability for my customers to easily order prints from online. I haven't really found anything that does what I need it to do like allowing my customers to order prints, but then again, I haven't really looked either. I'f you have any suggestions for hosts to check out, feel free to recommend them to me Number 3 is another thing I didn't really realize until you mentioned it. But you're correct, that's not the intent there. Number 4 has been a hard thing for me to figure out. Still working on it. I will look into maybe cutting back on the galleries that have a lot. I'm not sure if you're referring to the firefighting stuff or not, but I'm trying to actually keep my firefighting stuff as a separate entity from my other photography. Thanks again for your feedback man, it is greatly appreciated. Hopefully in the end it will help me get where I want to go with my work.
  2. Chase Boyer

    what's up with your website?

    My website is www.chaseboyerphoto.com. Sadly, I don’t have any skateboarding related stuff on there right now since I haven’t skated in a good while. However, if anyone is interested, feel free to have a look around my website and give me some feedback on how it operates and what I can do to make it more user friendly and stand out. I have anywhere from portraits to cars, landscape and first response stuff and more on mine. Hopefully I’ll get to skate again and start shooting photos again soon so I can add that stuff. I’m currently using Smugmug and really really like it. The unlimited photo hosting is pretty sweet.
  3. Chase Boyer


    Definitely some big mountains. I've seen them in the summer myself, just never in the winter yet. Super stoked though to see them in the winter. I might see about checking that cave out, sounds kinda cool, might make for some good starscapes or something. Garden of the Gods was super cool when I went. Was with a church group when I went though so only got to get out once or twice to shoot, so most of my shots were from a moving van. Seen it myself, super sweet place. Will be interesting to see if it's any different this time of year then in the summer when I was last there. Will try to see if I can go up to Pikes Peak. Definitely going to check on it. I'll have to check that place out too! Thanks! Thanks for y'all's suggestions so far! Super stoked on this trip, especially finding all these places to try to visit while I'm there.
  4. Chase Boyer

    Rokinon/Samyang 14mm f/2.8

    Haven't bought it yet, waiting for my paycheck before I do. Probably going to buy it this week though.
  5. Chase Boyer

    Rokinon/Samyang 14mm f/2.8

    Looking at buying a Rokinon/Samyang 14mm f/2.8 as my primary wide angle lens for my 7D, curious to know whether it's really worth it to buy the version with the AE chip and pay more or just save the money and just buy the manual lens. I know on my Rokinon 8mm, the manual focus only isn't a problem at all due to the pretty deep DOF, but I'm not sure sure how shallow or deep the DOF is on the 14mm, especially with it being f/2.8. So, is the AE version worth it or is it more of a luxury? Thoughts on this lens too?
  6. Chase Boyer


    Thanks for the detailed info! Super helpful. I'll definitely stop by as many of the cafe's as possible while I'm in town and probably hit up that taco shop. Unfortunately won't be there on a Friday though sp can't do that First Friday event. I don't smoke weed, but I'll probably check that spot out, from what I saw on Google street view I may be able to get some sweet cityscape shots from there. Any good locations to get good shots of mountains with the city in the foreground or just the mountains or city in general? Maybe some cool spots for portraits?
  7. Chase Boyer

    The Mob Rules - My Full Length from 2015

    I watched it shortly after you posted it, was a pretty sweet production. I really liked it. I was super hyped to see another full-length from you after the first time I watched Illicit shortly after it came out, and as I expected I was not disappointed with this one. Great job on this dude. Glad to see your back on here too, hope to see more of your work soon.
  8. Chase Boyer


    I'm headed to Colorado in a few weeks, particularly the Fort Collins, Denver and Colorado Springs areas. Looking for cool things and places to shoot pictures and b-roll footage of in or around those areas. No skating on this trip, just driving around and enjoying some time off work with friends and my camera. Any suggestions for some cool places to hit up? Good places to get landscapes of the mountains or the cityscapes from? Some cool coffee shops?
  9. Chase Boyer

    What photo stuff happened while SP was away?

    Wait, thought you guys were talking about Canon t3s whoops! Assuming y'all were talking Yashica? No way in hell a Rebel t3 is worth that much. Sorry guys..it's been a long day.
  10. Chase Boyer

    What photo stuff happened while SP was away?

    Worked full time at a church for about 6 months doing film stuff and then left to work on cars full time.. still do freelance video and photo from time to time. Learned a lot about video production I didn’t already know and gained lots of invaluable knowledge I also bought a 7D and a Tamron 70-200 2.8 and a bunch of other gear and have done a lot of shooting and learning with video and photo..still have my t3i though. Are the t3is also selling for $1500? I didn't see any over $500. I haven’t skated in about a year, mostly cause I cut a lot of negative people out of my life and a lot of them were who i skated with and also partly cause I have let my job get in the way of skating. Miss it every day and can’t wait to start again soon once I get some spare time. Its pretty cool to see SP resurrected! Hopefully scrolling down through the forums will inspire and encourage me to go skate and shoot more. It’s good to see some familiar names back on here! Hope y’all have all has been well for yall!
  11. Chase Boyer

    Fs Wallride

    This is sick! Great comp, colors, and lighting! Spot on. What's your setup?
  12. Chase Boyer

    Tips For Shooting Meeting And Evenrs

    They're making it sound like they want a CSPAN style production. So it'll be pretty hard to make it interesting
  13. So my homeowners association contacted me asking if I could help them with shooting the HOA meetings to upload them onto YouTube for the people that aren't able to attend, and I said sure. I have never done anything like this before, so I told them I'd to THIS first one for free so I know if I am able to pull it off and to get experience and if they even like what they see or if it works well, I'll figure a price out for the others. Anyone with experience in event or meeting coverage have any tips to help me out? Or anything I need to be pickin up for this kinda thing? If anyone's curious to my setup for this its a Canon t3i with a Røde VideomicGo (I will probably get a 50ft 3.5mm cable and run the mic closer for better audio if there is a podium), Canon PowerShot SX40 as backup if I need to cut to another shot for any reason, battery grip, 160 led light if I need it, tripod, 32 gb and 16 gb sd cards, 50mm f/1.8 STM and a tele if I need it Also not sure if there's a Q&A forum or not, but if there is how would you mic that up? Just have the PowerShot pointed towards whoever speaking and pull is audio? It has good quality audio.
  14. Chase Boyer

    Help With New Camcorder

    What specs are you looking for exactly? HD or SD? Assuming you're going to be using a fisheye you need a screw mount for it Are you looking for something with/without a handle? Or what handle are you going to use? MiniDV? SD/CF?
  15. Chase Boyer

    The Filming Netjiot

    Late responding as well, but I haven't been able to begin yet unfortunately, I work 5-6 days a week and am still in school and my one day off I usually have church stuff going on..so I haven't had time. But I was actually going to get on here to ask pretty much the same question, but for another project. I'll be starting production on a film for SXSW as part of my high school AV class, it's a documentary and it's going to be a few interviews and a bunch of b-roll. I was wondering how hard it'd be to shoot and edit together 24p for the cinematic look, and 30 or 60p for shots with a lot of motion like driving and stuff like that. How would I go about doing that?