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  1. overcrankfilms

    Fs: Vx2100/mk1 Complete Setup

    i am very very interested in the whole package. willing to trade with my HMC 40 setup plus some cash? hopefully we can make a deal.
  2. overcrankfilms

    Fs: Lumix Gh2, Rokinon 7.5mm, Eazy Handle V2

    is the whole set still available?
  3. is this the one with 58mm threads or 72mm ?
  4. overcrankfilms

    [wtb] Hmc 40 Lens Hood

    Anyone has HMC 40 Lens Hood for sale? also looking for the xlr mic box adapter plate.
  5. overcrankfilms

    Century Optics Mk2 For Fx1

    does this have threads if you remove the bayo ring mount ? if yes. can i know the size. im interested.
  6. overcrankfilms

    {wtb} Hmc 40

    no deal?
  7. overcrankfilms

    For Sale: Nikon Fc-e9

    do you have a hmc 40 to go with it ?
  8. overcrankfilms

    {wtb} Hmc 40

    Any one ?
  9. overcrankfilms

    Hvx200 (2)16gbp2

    Still available?
  10. overcrankfilms

    {wtb} Hmc 40

    Im looking for a HMC 40 as per title. Just sold my dslr to change to the camcorder format. Im a skate filmer based in malaysia. So i was hoping international shipping would be possible. My email is "reggie.chong1@gmail.com" Peace
  11. Is the camera still available? Very interested
  12. overcrankfilms

    Rokinon 7.5mm Fisheye Micro 4/3

    is this still available?
  13. overcrankfilms

    Huge Sale Thread (t2i, Cap Cams, Lenses Etc)

    do you have pictures of the sigma ?
  14. overcrankfilms

    Vans North Malaysia Tour 2013

    would love some pointers and critique please thanks!
  15. Vans Malaysia skateboard team went on an epic adventure of Northern Malaysia for 4 days of skateboarding demos, street skating, chilling and having fun ! Check out the full video of the trip! Presented by : Vans Malaysia Produced by : Overcrank FIlm's Filmed & Edited by : Reggie Chong Additional Filming : Ian Johan Ariff Photography : Farol Moja