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  1. traeflip

    2814 - Montage

    All those hot air balloons! So sick! I've never seen anything like that before.
  2. Instagram- @floodedvision @beastman619 @sircocco @jj_matei @_jordanmourning @tgalvan93 IMG_1579.mp4
  3. traeflip

    Canon 60d And Battery Grip

    How much are you looking to get for all of it?
  4. traeflip

    Jerry Gurney

    http://youtu.be/NPgMKeHmtk4 this edit i did for jerry and paradox grip gershon mosley finished. with the burnside clip a little edit i did for jerry and bloodwizard just skating around yuba and little 28th&b footy. both edits were shoot on a shitty early 2000s panasonic handcam ha but whatever my shit was broken and we had to do something.
  5. http://youtu.be/SOSCkx0QX5o made in 2004. http://www.myspace.c...montage/7650932 made in 2005 2006 probably the best times of my life. if you click on the myspace you wont be disappointed. sorry i never uploaded to youtube or any other site at the time. this is the only place i have it now.
  6. little teaser i put together a little while ago. im going through all my old tapes from the earlier 2000s. i had a vx but computer problems all my life so now im putting this together for all my old homies currently working on the edit.